Pre-Shutter Frames

This article shares an image run of 15 consecutive photographs and discusses various Pro Capture settings with some emphasis on Pre-Shutter Frames. One of the technologies that I find indispensable with my E-M1X is Pro Capture. I use both Pro Capture L and Pro Capture H on a very regular basis when photographing birds-in-motion as well as flying insects such as bees, wasps, butterflies and dragonflies.

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Bird AI with Pro Capture L

This article shares a selection of Bird AI with Pro Capture L test images of gulls in flight that were captured handheld during an intensive practice exercise in September 2021. I enjoy doing rapid-fire intensive practice exercises as I find they help build and maintain eye/hand coordination as well as improve my shutter release timing.

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Egrets Landing Before Sunrise

This article shares two image runs of 5 and 6 consecutive photographs, showing  egrets landing before sunrise at Hendrie Valley. Ordinarily I wouldn’t even bother to attempt to photograph a bird-in-flight this early in the morning since it was only about 6:30 AM. The primary reason I had arrived early was to do some pre sunrise landscape photography.

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One Click Image Run

This article shares a selection photographs created as a one click image run using Bird AI in combination with Pro Capture L.  The 10 photographs featured in this article were created in late September 2021 as part of an intensive practice exercise.

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Single Point AF with Bird AI

This article discusses the advantage of using a single point AF with Bird AI and other Intelligent Subject Tracking modes in the E-M1X. This posting includes a sample image run to help demonstrate how using single point AF with Bird AI can help overcome potentially difficult shooting situations. This article has been updated to include the fact that C-AF +TR needs to be turned on for Intelligent Subject Tracking to work. A few other modifications have also been done, including correcting some technical inaccuracies.

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Cormorant Using Bird AI

This article features 18 consecutive handheld photographs of a cormorant in-flight using Bird Detection AI Subject Tracking. These images were captured in late September 2021 as part of an intensive practice exercise I did at Grimsby harbour.

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Thankful Moments

With yet another round of COVID-19 ripping through many countries it can be difficult to identify and celebrate thankful moments in our lives.

This article shares some handheld bird photographs captured on January 6, 2022 at LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario. There is no specific theme with this article, other than to introduce what may be a series of Thankful Moments postings.

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Swan on the Run

This article features 24 consecutive images of a swan on the run crossing the surface of a pond at Hendrie Valley in Burlington Ontario. I made a quick focal length adjustment part way through capturing this series of photographs, going from a focal length of 508 mm (efov 1016 mm) to 400 mm (efov 800 mm). When we photograph birds-in-motion we sometimes need to make a quick focal length adjustment to maintain the relative framing of the subject in our image run.

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