Practicing BIF with Mallards

During the past few days I’ve been practicing my BIF handheld technique with mallards at Forty Mile Creek in Grimsby. The spring birding season is fast approaching, so getting in some practice sessions in advance is absolutely critical.

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BIF Shooting Style Adjustment

I went out today to experiment with a BIF shooting style adjustment so I could evaluate the feasibility of using a heavier lens for my bird photography. Like a number of other Olympus/OM System camera equipment users the new M.Zuiko 150-600mm f/5-6.3 IS super zoom has piqued my interest.

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Image Softness

Potential image softness is a concern shared by many photographers of varying skill levels, and who’s work covers a wide range of genres. This article covers some of the fundamental issues that may contribute to image softness, many of which can be addressed without the need to spend more money on camera gear.

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it’s in our NATURE

it’s in our NATURE is a very interesting phrase that has various interpretations, and also may be significant from a marketing perspective. In a recent M.Zuiko 150-600mm f/5-6.3 launch video, this promotional message ended with the phrase it’s in our NATURE. Watch the video until the very end to see this positioning statement.

In my view, this was no accident, but rather an important step forward in the strategic positioning of OM Digital Solutions camera business.

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Winter Lakeside Scenes with HDR2

Yesterday I drove along the southern shore of Lake Ontario and stopped at a few locations to capture some winter lakeside scenes with HDR2 (high dynamic range). There was a good amount of snow and ice along the shore of the lake, coupled with some very harsh sunlight. So, I decided to do some test images using my E-M1X’s HDR2 technology.

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Pigeons with Lasso Tool

This article features some handheld images of pigeons taking flight which have been adjusted with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. Folks who enjoy photographing birds-in-flight often have opportunities where birds are perched on human-made objects. These can sometimes detract from an image.

This article discusses some considerations on how to compose these types of images, and remove the distracting elements with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. All of the images featured in this article were captured handheld in my backyard in less than 25 minutes.

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