A Big “Thank You” to readers for our first year together

It was mid-January last year that my photography blog went live. A small handful of readers from Photography Life began this journey with me and since that time our community has grown tremendously.

I have deeply appreciated all of your comments, questions and support during the past 12 months. Each of you has helped to make the effort to build this web site very worthwhile for me. As we begin our second year together I wanted to give you some insights on where I’ll be going with this website.

First of all, this site will remain advertising free. I do have some relationships with folks like B&H and Amplis Canada and when you use my affiliate links to purchase gear it does help to defray at least some of the costs of producing content and maintaining this web site.

I will likely be adding a PayPal donation button within the next month or so for those readers who aren’t in the market to buy camera gear but would like to help support the web site. There won’t be any membership fees to have access to the web site, nor am I going to pressure anyone to make a donation.

As far as content goes I’ll keep focusing on sharing thoughts about technique, post processing with the tools I happen to use, and feature a variety of images covering a range of subject matter. I will likely do the odd gear review in 2016. Either of gear that I actually own and use, or gear that interests me that I would really consider buying.

There are so many other web sites out there that do a great job with gear reviews that there is no point in me trying to duplicate that kind of content. Plus, I’m not that much of a ‘gear head’ anyway. I would much rather go out and experiment with my cameras and share images with you than spend a bunch of time writing reviews on cameras and lens that I’ll never have an interest in owning.

Imaging technology has been advancing rapidly the past number of years and modern digital cameras are capable of wonderful results. Many of us may own older gear that is still perfectly capable of doing a great job for us. I don’t know if I’ll be buying any new gear in 2016 or not. Like you, I don’t have the luxury of having an unlimited camera budget. I do know that I won’t be getting rid of any of my current Nikon 1 gear so it will likely be used a lot throughout 2016.

I’m hoping to arrange a couple of reader events in 2016. Right now I’m contemplating something in the spring at Mountsberg Conservation area, and perhaps something during the CNE Air Show in Toronto. Other possibilities include a May get together at Point Pelee National Park to catch the bird migration, perhaps Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto to do some bird photography, maybe a return visit to Bird Kingdom, a visit to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, or perhaps a bit of a photography driving tour through the Niagara area. Input from readers is certainly appreciated.

I will be continuing to write for Photography Life in 2016, but the majority of my efforts will be focused here. For those of you that may not have seen my latest article on Photography Life, you can click on this link. It does feature a lot of my favourite images.

A special thank you to all of the readers who have chosen to work with me by doing some photography coaching. I hope that I’ve given you full value for your investment!

I’m looking forward to creating more content for you and growing our community of readers. Anything that you can individually do to let other people know about this website is greatly appreciated.

The best of the New Year to all of you!

My intent is to keep this photography blog advertising free. If you enjoyed this article and/or my website and would like to make a modest $10 donation through PayPal to support my work it would be most appreciated. You can use the Donate button below. Larger donations can be made to tom@tomstirr.com through PayPal.

As a reminder to our Canadian readers, you can get a special 5% discount when ordering Tamron or Rokinon lenses and other products directly from the Amplis Store.

12 thoughts on “A Big “Thank You” to readers for our first year together”

  1. Happy New Year Tom! I enjoy both your photos and how you write. This is one of my main stops for photography blogs.

    I’d like to try the Nikon 1 system some day after I completely ignored it when I was first looking toget into photography. That CX 70-300 is fabulous, or you make it look that good.

    1. Same to you Sean!
      I just got back from a quick week away and will be sorting through a number of images over the next week or so. I will likely be doing an article on some birds in flight…mainly great blue heron images…you may enjoy them!

  2. Hi Tom,

    Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary. I always enjoyed your articles on Photography Life, and enjoy following you here as well. I know you use Nikon 1 gear now, having sold your D800 and FF lenses. I am amazed at the photos you take and always look forward to reading your articles and seeing your work. Happy New Year, and here’s to a successful and rewarding 2016.


  3. Thomas,
    You deserve the Photographic Hero of the Year Award for your proof and cool devotion to a system panned, overlooked, denigrated, and disregarded by the uninformed and the misguided. You have proved naysayers wrong by working miracles, not by alchemy but by professionalism and dedication to principle. Having covered the US Upen Tennis Geand Slam for two years running with my V3’s and V2’s and your holy trinity of native lenses, I made believers out of some pretty heavy skeptics. The courage of conviction in the right hands does wonders.

  4. Thanks for the blog, I have found it very informative and you have convinced me of the merits of the Nikon 1 V cameras, I am looking forward to purchasing the V4 (unfortunately the Nikon Rumours blog doesn’t look to hopeful) and will then sell off my DX body & FX lenses – just too heavy to carry around.

  5. Thank you, I think. Your writing convinced my wife and I to buy 2 matched sets of 2 V2’s-10-30, 30-110 and our favorite 70-300.
    They have become our hiking and urban cameras . We still have and use our bigger Nikon dslr’s, but not nearly as much. The V2’s have allowed us to get pictures we simply would not have without them. My biggest surprise was finding that I can use much slower shutter speeds. Have a happy new year!


    1. Happy New Year to both of you as well! Great to hear that you folks have been enjoying your Nikon 1 gear. Have you tried using your 30-110mm lenses with extension tubes? I often take my MOVO tubes with me as they come in handy for images of wild flowers and the occasional bug or butterfly.

  6. Thank you for putting together an inspiring website.

    I thoroughly enjoy your work – you are very welcome to come to the UK and organise a reader event here too! :))

    Happy New Year.


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