Abstract Flower Images in Bas Relief

From time to time I quite enjoy pushing some of my images into the realm of photo art. I appreciate that not all photographers like this kind of creative treatment. This article shares a selection of abstract flower images in bas relief.

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To achieve the effects in the photographs featured in this article I used the bas relief filter in Topaz.

This filter gives images a 3D appearance. Various sliders in the program allow the user to adjust the amount of details and the ‘smoothness’ of the treatment.

A monochromatic effect is generated by this particular filter.

By using the ‘curves’ function in CS6 some additional colour can be extracted from an image.

I tend to like the monochromatic look better as it helps to accentuate the 3D feel of an image.

Not all images lend themselves to this particular treatment. This depends on personal taste of course. I prefer using images with simple lines and clear, dominant elements.

Repeating patterns in an image work quite well with the bas relief filter.

One of the sliders allows the user to select the direction of the light. For this small collection I used a common light angle for all of the images to create a ‘family portfolio’ feel to the collection of photographs.

For some reason the bas relief treatment draws me into an image and I feel compelled to study all of the detail in the sculpted ridges.

A common fallacy is that a photographer can take a weak image and ‘jazz it up’ with a photo art filter.

In my experience, unless you start with a decently composed image, a filter treatment is not going to ‘save’ the photograph for you.

Shifting your photographs into the realm of photo art isn’t something that everyone will enjoy or appreciate. For those that do enjoy this approach, it can provide some additional creative latitude.

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13 thoughts on “Abstract Flower Images in Bas Relief”

  1. It is hard to pick a favorite in this group — so many I like. Maybe 1 and 11.

    I like to play with photo art with some of my photos. I do sometimes try it with images that I really like in some way but maybe they are a little off focus or the colors not to my liking. But like you say, the photo does need to be nicely composed.

    Thanks for sharing these art pieces.

    1. Thanks Joni – I’m glad you enjoyed the images! Choosing images for photo art treatments can be a bit of a challenge. I’ve sometimes found that images I thought would be ideal candidates for photo art adjustments didn’t work as well as I had hoped, while others were quite surprising. I think much of this depends not only on the image selected, but also the type of art treatment used with it.

  2. Hi Tom:
    This process with the monochromatic effect seems ideal for minimalist photography which is a particular favourite of mine. You have done a very nice job with these images,

  3. Hi Tom,

    You’ve got a very interesting experiment going on in there! I agree with you that some images lend themselves well to the bas relief/3D treatment than others. I especially liked the hibiscus and dandelion ones — they seem to me like delicate glass art/etchings than images.


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