Abstract Waterfall Images

Let’s start with the out-of-camera jpeg.

Out-of-camera jpeg. Shot hand-held with Nikon 1 V2 + Nikon 1 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 (non-PD) @ 30mm, efov 81mm, f/8, 1/4, ISO-160.
Out-of-camera jpeg. Shot hand-held with Nikon 1 V2 + Nikon 1 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 (non-PD) @ 30mm, efov 81mm, f/8, 1/4, ISO-160.

Again, I like to make some aggressive adjustments to begin my creative journey.


I took image highlights way down and pulled out a good amount of the shadows to create the version above. I thought it would be important to have as many highlight details as possible in the image, as well as seeing underneath the water flowing over the rocks. Knocking back the shadows also helped to accentuate the flow patterns in the waterfall. I also cropped the image on top and bottom to give it a tighter feel.


The image above shows use of the ‘accentuated edges’ filter. I really like how it gives the image an oil painting look and helps to accentuate the flow of the water.


The above image shows use of the ‘cutout’ filter.


The ‘poster edges’ filter used in the image above is one that I often use with flower and animal images.


The above image was adjusted using the ‘plastic wrap’ filter.


And finally, the image above was created using the ‘plaster’ filter. As with the other image I featured in this article, this filter is my favourite treatment of the second image. I just love the simplicity and flow of this image.

As I mentioned upfront in this article I appreciate that adjusting photographs with various filters and effects may not appeal to all photographers. I view these techniques as simply extensions to a photographer’s creative vision.

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5 thoughts on “Abstract Waterfall Images”

  1. I like #1 and #4 the best. #4 to me has an Asian feel and also a frozen moment in time feel where the world stops, then resets.
    Thanks for sharing all the images. Such fun it is.

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