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Bird Photography Presentation

On Thursday February 7th 2019, I will be presenting Photographing Birds, Bugs & Butterflies Hand-held to the Mississauga Camera Club. The event is being held at the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre, located at 1389 Cawthra Road. While my presentation will primarily focus on bird photography, my talk will also include images and commentary on photographing bugs and butterflies hand-held. Continue reading Bird Photography Presentation

Do You Care About EXIF Data?

This short article asks a simple question of readers, “Do you care about EXIF data?”

EXIF stands for exchangeable image file format. This is the information that your digital camera automatically embeds into photographs, including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lens focal length, white balance etc.  Continue reading Do You Care About EXIF Data?

North Island Bird Photography

The past few weeks have been an absolute blur. I’ve been busy updating this website, making changes to my YouTube channel, and putting in some long hours working on my upcoming bird photography eBook. This article features a selection of New Zealand North Island bird photography images that I captured hand-held during our most recent trip. I did the best I could identifying the species in the photographs featured in this article. If any readers notice any incorrect bird identifications, please feel free to correct me as needed!

Continue reading North Island Bird Photography

New Zealand Fantail at the Blue Spring

I had to chuckle to myself for heeding my own advice during our most recent visit to New Zealand! In our eBook New Zealand Tip-to-Tip, I suggested having two cameras ‘at-the-ready’ (one for landscapes and one for birds) just in case an opportunity arose when visiting the Blue Spring. As luck would have it I had a very brief close encounter with a New Zealand Fantail at the Blue Spring. Continue reading New Zealand Fantail at the Blue Spring

Photographing Small Birds Using Extension Tubes

A few days ago I took a break from a number of projects on which I’m working, by visiting Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls Canada. It was a marginal day at best. The sky was overcast with rain falling. This later turned to a light snow, making the indoor shooting conditions at Bird Kingdom dark and difficult. This article discusses photographing small birds using extension tubes. This topic will be included in my upcoming bird photography eBook. Continue reading Photographing Small Birds Using Extension Tubes

Captive Birds in Dramatic Light

For as much as I enjoy photographing birds at Bird Kingdom, I let my membership lapse in 2018 due to my rather hectic schedule. About a week or so ago I renewed my membership and spent a couple of enjoyable hours at Bird Kingdom. This short article features a small selection of photographs of captive birds in dramatic light. All were shot hand-held in available light at Bird Kingdom. Continue reading Captive Birds in Dramatic Light

Heron’s Patience is Rewarded with a Meal

Yesterday I went to Hendrie Valley for a few hours, arriving just before noon. This isn’t typically a good time of day for birding, but my ‘little voice’ kept telling me to go. Since it is nearing the end of the birding season here in Southern Ontario I wasn’t sure if there would be much to photograph. As it turned out I was able to a capture some images of a Great Blue Heron catching a very large catfish. Eventually the heron’s patience was rewarded with a meal. Continue reading Heron’s Patience is Rewarded with a Meal