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M.Zuiko 150-600 BIF First Impressions

This article discusses some of my M.Zuiko 150-600 BIF first impressions, and shares a selection of bird-in-flight images captured handheld with this lens. Some of which were captured at 600 mm (efov 1200 mm). Also included are some perspectives on the weight of this lens.

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Practicing BIF with Mallards

During the past few days I’ve been practicing my BIF handheld technique with mallards at Forty Mile Creek in Grimsby. The spring birding season is fast approaching, so getting in some practice sessions in advance is absolutely critical.

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BIF Shooting Style Adjustment

I went out today to experiment with a BIF shooting style adjustment so I could evaluate the feasibility of using a heavier lens for my bird photography. Like a number of other Olympus/OM System camera equipment users the new M.Zuiko 150-600mm f/5-6.3 IS super zoom has piqued my interest.

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Pigeons with Lasso Tool

This article features some handheld images of pigeons taking flight which have been adjusted with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. Folks who enjoy photographing birds-in-flight often have opportunities where birds are perched on human-made objects. These can sometimes detract from an image.

This article discusses some considerations on how to compose these types of images, and remove the distracting elements with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. All of the images featured in this article were captured handheld in my backyard in less than 25 minutes.

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National Bird Day

Today is National Bird Day… and is celebrated as a way to bring awareness to the challenges that birds around the world face on a daily basis. Over the past number of years, many of us who enjoy photographing birds have noticed a decline in bird populations in our local area.

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Skills Tune-Up

I can’t speak for other photographers, but I’ve found that a periodic skills tune-up can be beneficial to support a wide range of photographic competencies. This article shares a number of recent test/practice photographs. I would normally show finished images in my articles, including any cropping that needed to be done.

All of the photographs in this posting were processed in post from RAW files. The images are shown without any cropping as I felt it may be more beneficial for readers to see the full frame captures of these practice images.

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Auto Focus Considerations

This article discusses some basic auto focus considerations and was prompted by a few emails that I recently received from readers. Some of these emails had questions that were specific to the OM-1. Since I have never used this camera, and have no plans to do any kind of review on it, I’m unable to comment specifically on that model.

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Happenstance can be defined as a chance situation. Or something that occurred because of particular circumstances, although it was not planned. As photographers we are often beneficiaries of happenstance. This is regularly the case with bird photography.

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Blue Jay Pond Take-off

This article shares some blue jay pond take-off photographs and discusses how birds can signal their intention to take flight. Some commentary about the use of Pro Capture is also included. These images were photographed handheld through my kitchen window.

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