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Mallard Overtaken in Mid-Air

This article features a selection of 14 consecutive images of a male mallard being overtaken in mid-air by a female. What makes this series remarkable was the the Bird Detection AI on my OM-D E-M1X was able to maintain focus on the male mallard even though the female flew past it in the foreground.

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Smaller Sensor Birding Equipment Options

Since selling my full frame camera gear back in July 2015 I’ve had the opportunity to use a few different smaller sensor birding equipment options. Continue reading Smaller Sensor Birding Equipment Options

Bird Photography Sweet Spot

I was out with my camera gear yesterday and discovered my bird photography sweet spot. The added enjoyment that this creates is hard to explain. Suffice to say I was having so much fun that I lost some of my concentration on fundamentals, and made a couple of rookie mistakes.

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Best Photography Problem

I went out on Saturday to challenge myself photographing ducks in flight… and I ended up with the best photography problem. Over the past number of years I’ve done this particular ducks in flight test a number of times with different camera gear. It involves situating myself fairly close to a large group of ducks, then photographing individual ducks as they take flight, moving right to left in my viewfinder.

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Swan Aggression

This article features a selection of photographs illustrating examples of swan aggression. Images were sourced from my archives. These photographs were all captured during the same visit to LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario. All of the images were captured handheld using an OM-D E-M1X fitted with an M.Zuiko PRO 40-150 mm f/2.8 zoom and an M.Zuiko MC-20 teleconverter.

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Product Mix and Profitability

As camera manufacturers release their quarterly financial reports it is instructive to look for comments about product mix and profitability. Shifting a company’s product mix is an important strategy to increase average per unit contribution margin and potentially increase related profitability.

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Bird Photographer Etiquette

This article discusses some basic bird photographer etiquette and shares some images of a kinglet in flight. A few days ago I was out attempting to capture some new images of birds. Not having much luck at some area locations, I decided to do a quick stop at LaSalle Park before heading home.

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