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Bees With Digital Teleconverter

This article discusses photographing bees with a digital teleconverter and shares a selection of handheld images captured earlier this week. While it can be a fun and interesting experiment to do extreme tests with one’s gear, it is also important to assess things from a practical perspective.

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Digital Teleconverter Extreme Test

This article features a selection of digital teleconverter extreme test images captured handheld during this past weekend in my backyard. As regular readers know, on occasion I enjoy conducting extreme tests with my camera gear. This helps me better understand the limitations of my camera equipment, as well as assess my current level of photographic skills.

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Praying Mantis at Night Test

This article features a selection of praying mantis at night test images that were captured handheld using in-camera focus stacking and the M.Zuiko 60 mm f/2.8 macro lens.

Sometimes Mother Nature provides a photographic test opportunity which represents a significant challenge. Such was the case yesterday night when a praying mantis decided to perch on the glass panel of my kitchen’s patio door.

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Pro Capture Choices

The number of Pro Capture choices that can be created with almost every attempted image run is both incredible and addicting. After using Pro Capture H and L for a number of years now, I cannot imagine owning a camera that did not have this technology.

This article shares 15 consecutive handheld photographs of two dragonflies briefly meeting. These 15 frames were captured in a total of 1/4 of a second.

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Dragonflies Landing

This article shares a selection photographs of dragonflies landing and discusses technique, including the use of Pro Capture H to create these images. All of the photographs in this article were captured handheld during a short 90 minute visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG).

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Insect Kit Field Test

This article shares some recent insect kit field test images and discusses the rationale behind this particular equipment set-up. I suppose when many people think of insect photography the first gear that comes to mind is a macro lens. While I do use a macro lens for insect photography quite often, there are occasions when a macro lens is not a particularly effective piece of kit.

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Pond Photography with MC-20

This article features someĀ  pond photography done with the M.Zuiko MC-20 teleconverter during a recent visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens. One of the reasons that I purchased the MC-20 2X teleconverter was to increase my reach when doing pond photography, and capturing images of frogs, dragonflies and blossoms.

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Appreciating Nature

For many people appreciating nature is a passion in their lives, and a cornerstone of their love of photography. Our readership family recently lost a long time member, Milton Joel Bateman. This article shares a selection of images from nature… and is dedicated to Joel and his love of nature photography.

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