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Photographing Small Church Exteriors

Many times when we’re on holidays, or driving through rural areas, we may come upon small churches. Often these structures can make interesting photographic subjects because of their local history, or architectural design. This article discusses some of the composition considerations when photographing small church exteriors.

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Historic Site Photography Tips

This article provides some historic site photography tips. They are illustrated with images captured at Trim Castle in Ireland.

Quite a few people visit historic sites when on holidays, and enjoy documenting them in their photographs. The weathered and sometimes deteriorating state of historic sites are often brimming with character. At times it can be challenging to incorporate different composition approaches with this type of subject matter. It can be easy for us to fall into a habitual composition pattern with our images.

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Working with High Contrast Interior Architectural Images

Before we get into this latest article, I’d like to thank one of our readers (Kevin L) for a recent comment that was the creative spark for this new posting. This article features an image captured handheld at the Nelles Manor in Grimsby and discusses working with high contrast interior architectural images in post. Continue reading Working with High Contrast Interior Architectural Images

Character at MacNab Terrace Guest House

I recently had the opportunity to work with the owners of the MacNab Terrace Guest House, located in Hamilton Ontario. This property was built in 1879 and designed by noted Hamilton architect James Balfour. It combines two centre residences in a longer-term rental property. One of its unique features is the original horse carriage centre entrance through which the rear parking area is accessed. This article features a selection of images that capture some of the character at MacNab Terrace Guest House. Continue reading Character at MacNab Terrace Guest House

Simple Composition Technique to Reduce Wide Angle Distortions

One of my recent client assignments was to photograph a heritage building that was constructed in 1879. The building has been lovingly restored and is now used as a longer stay guest house. Photographing the inside rooms of this property presented a couple of interesting challenges. These included quite poor lighting and the need to shoot using a wide angle lens. While photographing this property, it occurred to me that some readers may be interested in an article that shares a very simple composition technique to reduce wide angle distortions. Continue reading Simple Composition Technique to Reduce Wide Angle Distortions

Three Hour Walk in Historic Charleston

The final thing my wife and I did before returning home from our trip to South Carolina was to drive down to Charleston. We had not seen the city for well over 15 years, but still had very fond memories of our previous visit. After getting some pamphlets at the information centre we headed out for a three hour walk in historic Charleston. Continue reading Three Hour Walk in Historic Charleston