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Half Of The Story

Sometimes only getting half of the story can still produce some very interesting, action-oriented photographs. In the springtime birds are vying for mates, or protecting the partner that they already have. This can lead to some dramatic action, especially if large birds like geese or swans are involved.

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M.Zuiko 150-600 Hands-On Review

This M.Zuiko 150-600 hands-on review is the culmination of capturing a few thousand images with this lens over the past couple of months. And, writing a series of articles about my experiences. A summary of those articles, with accompanying links, is provided at the end of this extensive posting.

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Osprey at a Distance

During a couple of recent visits to Hendrie Valley I’ve had the chance to photograph an osprey at a distance, flying around the pond area.

These were ideal, real-life opportunities to see how the M.Zuiko 150-600 mm f/5-6.3 IS zoom would perform capturing a medium sized bird in flight at distances of at least 50 metres (~164 feet) from my shooting position.

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Cedar Waxwings Taking Flight

This article features a selection of handheld images of Cedar Waxwings taking flight… captured at Hendrie Valley during a visit last week. This was the first time that I’ve been able to capture a good number of images of this particular bird species in flight.

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HHHR Test with M.Zuiko 150-600

This article discusses an HHHR (Handheld Hi Res) test with the M.Zuiko 150-600, and shares some handheld images captured at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory.

My objective with this short test was simply to find out how well the Handheld Hi Res technology would work with the M.Zuiko 150-600 and its Sync-IS. All of the images featured in this article are full frame captures without any cropping… but resized for this website.

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Timing and Technology

Regardless of the camera gear that we may own, timing and technology both play important roles when we’re out in the field with our equipment.

For us to get the most out of our camera gear we need to understand how to best use the technology we’re holding in our hands. And, just as importantly… when to use specific features and capabilities based on our own shooting style and the subject matter before us.

This article shares some new handheld images of gulls at Forty Mile Creek and discusses how these images were captured.

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M.Zuiko 150-600 vs 100-400 Comparison

Many folks are considering M.Zuiko 150-600 vs. 100-400 comparison information to help determine if the new lens is suitable for their needs. This posting should not be considered as a technical comparison. It is intended to be a practical hands-on comparison based on a reasonable amount of field work done with these lenses.

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M.Zuiko 150-600 with MC-14

This article shares some images captured with the M.Zuiko 150-600 and MC-14 teleconverter, and provides some personal observations about using this combination.

I spent a few days working with this combination, mainly experimenting with photographing birds in flight as I thought this would be the primary interest of readers.

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