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Photographers are Problem Solvers

On the surface it’s quite funny to consider how much time photographers spend assessing gear and debating with each other about the importance of various camera capabilities. Interactions can get quite heated at times as people exchange their viewpoints. It occurred to me this morning that there is a very good reason why that happens. At the end of the day… photographers are problem solvers.

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Couple of Hours with an Old Friend

Between client assignments, eBook projects and field testing some Olympus Loaner Gear, I haven’t had much time lately to use my Nikon 1 kit for bird photography. On Wednesday morning I spent a couple of hours with an old friend… the Nikon 1 V3 equipped with a 1 Nikkor CX 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6 zoom.

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Landing Postures That Create Anticipation

Many of us who enjoy photographing birds in flight focus our efforts on specific bird behaviours including hunting/fishing, taking off, and landing. It is always a special moment when we can capture a subject bird doing something other than a typical fly-by. This article shares a selection of seven consecutive images and discusses landing postures that create anticipation in our bird photographs.

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Successful Fishing Strike at 60FPS

Due to very high water levels in Lake Ontario, shore birds and wading birds have been avoiding their usual fishing spots this spring. About 10 days ago I spotted my first Great Blue Heron at Hendrie Valley. It put on quite a show for me. This article shares a series of 20 consecutive images of a successful fishing strike at 60 FPS. Continue reading Successful Fishing Strike at 60FPS