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Photographing Captive Butterflies in Flight

I should state right up front that this article is based on some first attempt experimentation. As a consequence the results are not up to the standard that I would have liked. I certainly don’t mind sharing first attempt results with readers. The experience led to some potential learning to share. Photographing captive butterflies in flight hand-held is an interesting challenge. This article shares a selection of images and some of my initial thoughts about adjusting my technique for the future.

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Ants Dragging Dinner Home

It is amazing what we can find to photograph right at our feet. I was out just before dinner today trying to photograph some ants. Not having any extension tubes or a macro lens with me made this a bit of a creative challenge. After experimenting for a little while, I noticed some ants dragging dinner home across my cement walk. I was intrigued. As is often said… small things amuse small minds.

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Photographing Swallows with E-M1X Pro Capture

I went out this morning to do my first field test of the Olympus OM-D E-M1X Pro Capture mode. I can give you my summary evaluation right up front… photographing swallows taking flight with the E-M1X Pro Capture mode is so easy… it’s basically a “no brainer”. Continue reading Photographing Swallows with E-M1X Pro Capture

OM-D E-M1X Battery Life Test

As part of my ongoing evaluation of some Olympus Loaner Gear I went out yesterday to conduct an OM-D E-M1X battery life test. During other field tests I have been surprised with the battery life in the OM-D E-M1X. So, I decided it was time to spend some time doing a battery life test.

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Bird Kingdom E-M1X High ISO Test

I recently went to Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls with the objective of capturing some high ISO images with the Olympus OM-D E-M1X. What follows is a selection of 21 images ranging from ISO-3200 to ISO-25600. This Bird Kingdom E-M1X high ISO test article is based on real world image examples produced from RAW files.

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Working with Small Sensor ISO-10000 Images

Sometimes those of us with small sensor cameras capture images at high ISO values out of necessity. As soon as we press our shutter release we wonder if there will be much we can do in post to overcome the impact of using a high ISO. This article shares three examples of working with small sensor ISO-10000 images in post. It is good to remember that any time we do work with RAW files it is ‘to taste’. You may, or may not, like the results that are illustrated in this article. At the end of the article, I will be sharing some basic guidelines of the approach I used with these photographs.

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Uncommon Moments with Common Birds

Photographing birds, just like other subject matter, can be a progressive experience. As we develop our skill set and understand the subject matter more… the quality of our images can improve over time. This article illustrates how we can capture some uncommon moments with common birds… in this case some gulls. All of the photographs in this article were captured on the same day in late May.

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E-M1X Swallows in Flight Images

On Saturday of this past weekend I spent about 2.5 hours photographing swallows in flight. As readers who enjoy bird photography can attest, capturing images of these small ‘pocket rockets’ is a very challenging pastime. Saturday was the most successful swallows-in-flight photography outing that I have ever had. Rather than share just a smattering of photographs, this article contains a total of 24 E-M1X swallows in flight images. I could have shared a lot more… but I thought 2 dozen images would be plenty for this posting.

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