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it’s in our NATURE

it’s in our NATURE is a very interesting phrase that has various interpretations, and also may be significant from a marketing perspective. In a recent M.Zuiko 150-600mm f/5-6.3 launch video, this promotional message ended with the phrase it’s in our NATURE. Watch the video until the very end to see this positioning statement.

In my view, this was no accident, but rather an important step forward in the strategic positioning of OM Digital Solutions camera business.

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Amplis Discount Discontinued

There have been some changes at Amplis and as of January 1, 2023 the company is no longer offering a 5% discount to our Canadian readers. We are now in the process of removing references to the previous 5% Amplis discount from various articles on the website. Since this will take some time we wanted to make our readers aware of this Amplis change immediately. We have already removed the information page that pertained to this previous Canadian discount program.

Amplis has an affiliate program that would provide this website with a small commission based on click through sales. Since this affiliate program does not have any direct benefit for our readers we will not be participating in the Amplis affiliate program.

Conjoint Analysis

This article discusses conjoint analysis and how this research technique may have been used by OMDS to determine the features  in the new OM-5 camera. Some folks are up in arms about certain attributes of the OM-5. Like using the same sensor as in the E-M1 Mark III, maintaining the older menu, and using an older USB Micro connector. As is often the case, the wish list that consumers may have for a new product can be totally unrealistic given business realities. It is prudent to remember that no camera is perfect, and that all things photographic come with some kind of trade-off.

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OM-5 Strategic Intent

When a company introduces a new product like OMDS’s new OM-5, it is always an interesting exercise to ponder their strategic intent. Some folks that I respect like Robin Wong, had a decidedly negative reaction to the OM-5. You may want to rewind this video and watch it from the start.

Suffice to say that I don’t agree at all with Robin’s product focused assessment of why the Olympus Imaging Division failed. Nor do I agree at all with his assessment of the OM-5.

As we all know, the Olympus Imaging Division ultimately was transferred to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) and re-emerged as OM Digital Solutions (OMDS).

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