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World Photography Day Overview

This article provides a World Photography Day overview and shares some thoughts on the various sessions that were live streamed. If you did not have the opportunity to view any of the live stream sessions held yesterday during the World Photography Day, you can still view them online. Links are provided throughout this article.

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Product Mix and Profitability

As camera manufacturers release their quarterly financial reports it is instructive to look for comments about product mix and profitability. Shifting a company’s product mix is an important strategy to increase average per unit contribution margin and potentially increase related profitability.

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JIP Interview Regarding Olympus Imaging Purchase

Recently an interesting JIP interview with Shinichi Inagaki, the Japan Industrial Partners executive in charge of the acquisition of the Olympus imaging business, was published by Toyo Keizai Online. I thought readers may like to see this interview so I have provided a link to the corresponding Photo Rumors article.

I would suggest that you take some time to read this interview as it contains some very interesting information. My observations about the content in this interview follow later in this article.

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