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Image Softness

Potential image softness is a concern shared by many photographers of varying skill levels, and who’s work covers a wide range of genres. This article covers some of the fundamental issues that may contribute to image softness, many of which can be addressed without the need to spend more money on camera gear.

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M.Zuiko f/2.8 Trinity

This article showcases the M.Zuiko f/2.8 trinity of zoom lenses with a selection of handheld images along with some commentary. There is no intent in this posting to suggest to readers that they purchase these lenses, or change the camera system that they are currently using. As is often stated here… photographers should buy and use whatever gear best meets their needs.

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Importance of Ergonomics

The importance of ergonomics was strongly reinforced for me this past weekend when I participated in a ‘one time only’ extended family event. It was one of those occasions when you absolutely want to come away from a gathering with as many good quality photographs as possible. As we all know, many life events have no chance for a re-do.

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Camera Kit Considerations

We can invest a lot of money in photography equipment and some simple camera kit considerations can help us choose the best gear for our needs. As has been stated in many of my previous articles, we should all buy and use whatever camera format, brand and camera model that best meets our individual needs. There is no such thing as a perfect, one-size fits all camera system. Best is a relative term that is totally dependent on our individual needs.

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Investment Decisions

Regardless of the sensor format and brand we may choose, we all face investment decisions when considering various cameras and lenses. This article utilizes some current data and compares the relative costs and weight of my ‘low light’ PRO M4/3 lenses with comparable Nikon mirrorless full frame lenses. I did not include comparisons with other full frame brands simply because I don’t have any personal experience with them. Photographers can do similar comparisons with any equipment they are considering.

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Specs Aren’t Everything

As photographers it is good for us to remember that specs aren’t everything when it comes to buying and effectively using camera gear. Like other folks I’ve learned some lessons the hard way. Fortunately those lessons didn’t cost me a huge amount of money. It is critical that each of us buy and use whatever format and brand of camera gear best meets our individual needs.

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Maximizing Dynamic Range

Maximizing dynamic range can be a key consideration when we are out with our cameras photographing a wide range of subject matter. It can be of prime importance with landscape photography. This article provides a quick overview of some of the things we can do to help maximize the available dynamic range that our cameras provide.

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Compatibility and Differentiation

It is interesting to consider camera product compatibility and differentiation, as sometimes these factors can work at cross purposes. There are photographers who feel that OMDS should make its proprietary computational photography technologies compatible with lenses from other manufacturers. And, that OMDS should expand the compatibility of these technologies further down its own product line to include less expensive lenses.

Some other photographers are upset that Canon appears to be ready to bar third party lens manufacturers from using its new camera mount and suing them if they attempt to reverse engineer the design. Some folks wonder if this could eventually lead to third party lens manufacturers disappearing down the road.

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