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321,643 Clicks and Counting

It is always interesting to check the shutter count on our cameras to learn how many photographs we have captured since first acquiring our gear. As part of my camera system maintenance I recently created a spreadsheet so I could track the shutter counts of each of my camera bodies. As of this morning my Nikon 1 cameras have registered a combined total of 321,643 clicks and counting. I bought my first Nikon 1 V2 in August 2013. Continue reading 321,643 Clicks and Counting

Nikon 1 Kit Update

It certainly has been interesting to hear from a wide range of Nikon 1 owners during the past few months since the Nikon 1 system was discontinued.  I’ve received numerous emails from many existing owners who are adding to their Nikon 1 kits as a future proofing strategy.  Perhaps surprisingly, I’ve also been getting quite a few emails from people who have only recently discovered the Nikon 1 system and are buying into it while new and used gear is still available. Since a number of people have been asking me what I’ve been up to with my gear, I thought it would be timely to provide readers with a Nikon 1 kit update of my own. Continue reading Nikon 1 Kit Update

Suggestions for Adding Nikon 1 Kit Components

Ever since the Nikon 1 system was discontinued in July I’ve been receiving plenty of emails from owners looking for suggestions about the best bodies and lenses to add to their kit so they can extend its useful life.  As photographers we all have our own, unique needs when it comes to camera gear. What follows are some suggestions for Nikon 1 kit components that could be considered, based on a photographer’s priorities and shooting style. These suggestions could act as at least a starting point. Other Nikon owners may have other recommendations of course which I encourage them to share with their comments. Continue reading Suggestions for Adding Nikon 1 Kit Components

Doubling Down on the 1 Nikon CX 70-300

Many Nikon 1 owners have been in a quandary for the past several years, unsure of what to do with their camera gear given the uncertainty that has surrounded the Nikon 1 system. Some people are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach. Other photographers have sold their Nikon 1 gear and moved on to a different system, frequently migrating to M4/3. Some folks have decided to add to their Nikon 1 kit to try to ‘future proof’ it as best they can. There is no right answer as everyone needs to make the best decision based on their specific camera needs. I’ve been adding to my Nikon 1 kit for the past couple of years and I’m doubling down on the 1 Nikon CX 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 zoom lens. Continue reading Doubling Down on the 1 Nikon CX 70-300

Are you ‘at one’ with your camera gear?

I don’t know if it is a positive or a negative that I’m not a ‘gear head’ when it comes to camera equipment. I suppose this blog would have a much bigger audience if I spent my time doing numerous reviews of camera bodies and lenses. No doubt these kinds of technical insights are extremely important to a large portion of the photographic community. But…that’s just not me. I think a bigger and more important question is, “Are you ‘at one’ with your camera gear?” Continue reading Are you ‘at one’ with your camera gear?

Creating a Camera Buying Decision Matrix

Buying camera gear, especially for beginners and novices, or when considering “downsizing” one’s gear, can be a daunting task. One of the things that you can do to help make a well thought out decision is to create a camera buying decision matrix. What will be shared in this article is an adaptation of a technique that I have been using for a long time when doing business coaching. Continue reading Creating a Camera Buying Decision Matrix