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Carbon Footprint Update

This short article provides a carbon footprint update related to some decisions that we’ve made over the past few years in support of the environment. Whether each of us has any concerns about the environment on an individual basis, is a matter of personal choice. This article is simply an informational update for those readers that are interested in this topic.

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Photographic Philosophy

The photographic philosophy that each of us brings to our work is a cornerstone that anchors all that we do, and serves as a guiding principle. I suppose there could be an infinite number of philosophies that each of us could pursue when it comes to our photography. For me, it has always come down to a binary choice between “the best possible photograph” and “the best photograph possible”.

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Cataract Surgery

One of life’s interesting events is to experience post cataract surgery clarity and colours. Over the past number of years my wife and I have had some discussions about the colour of clothing, paint, and a host of other everyday items. Suffice to say that we have had some pretty significant differences of opinion about the colours that each of us was seeing in the world around us. This was especially true of pastel colours.

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it’s in our NATURE

it’s in our NATURE is a very interesting phrase that has various interpretations, and also may be significant from a marketing perspective. In a recent M.Zuiko 150-600mm f/5-6.3 launch video, this promotional message ended with the phrase it’s in our NATURE. Watch the video until the very end to see this positioning statement.

In my view, this was no accident, but rather an important step forward in the strategic positioning of OM Digital Solutions camera business.

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Fix It In Post

Virtually everyone who has been out with their camera, and around other photographers, has heard someone say that they’ll ‘fix it in post’ when they get home. We may have even used those words personally.

Semantics can be extremely important in life as they guide our behaviour, and shape our expectations. The purpose of this article is to encourage readers to reframe the work they do with post processing… and move past the concept of ‘fix it in post’.

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