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Photographs and Memories

Photographs and the memories they rekindle are often etched in our minds for extended periods of time and linked to our emotions. Depending on our interests our photographs and memories could be travel related. We may have a strong attraction to specific subject matter like birds, nature or macro. Many photographers who enjoy creating images of people do so in order that their memories of friends and family can be preserved. Each of us has created images that have special meaning and memories for us.

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Full Frame Issues

This article summarizes some of the full frame issues that I experienced which resulted in me stopping the use of this camera format back in July 2015. Photographers should absolutely use the camera format and brand of gear that best suits their needs. Full frame camera gear was not the best choice for my needs. That does not mean that it would not be ideal for other photographers.

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Chasing Unicorns

As photographers who care about the quality of our work, it is easy to start chasing unicorns when it comes to our choice of camera gear. We can create some Utopian vision in our minds about how the perfect camera is supposed to perform, then compare the realities of today against that idealistic phantom.

The result is that we can sometimes find ourselves in a never ending cycle of dissatisfaction… and waste a considerable amount of money chasing unicorns as we buy in to, and sell out of, various camera systems.

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