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Image Softness

Potential image softness is a concern shared by many photographers of varying skill levels, and who’s work covers a wide range of genres. This article covers some of the fundamental issues that may contribute to image softness, many of which can be addressed without the need to spend more money on camera gear.

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M.Zuiko 60mm Macro Review

This M.Zuiko 60mm macro review article shares a wide selection of handheld macro  images along with some commentary about this wonderful, little lens. This is a hands-on review. You won’t see images of boring test charts or have to read a regurgitation of lens specifications.

The focus of this M.Zuiko 60mm macro review is to illustrate what can be created with this lens when shooting handheld. There is a selection of images throughout the article, as well as a sampling of photographs at the end. EXIF data is supplied for all of the images.

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MC-14 at Grimsby Wetlands

This article features a selection of images of small birds-in-flight captured handheld with an M.Zuiko MC-14 Teleconverter at Grimsby Wetlands. These photographs were taken earlier in the spring during a particularly productive visit to Grimsby Wetlands (also referred to locally as Biggar Lagoons Wetlands).

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Spoiled by Technology

Lately, I’ve been wondering more and more if photographers have become spoiled by the technology found in their camera equipment. Over time, we’ve been treated so well by camera manufacturers that many of us fail to really appreciate the incredible image making power of the gear we hold in our hands every day. There really is no such thing as a ‘bad’ camera system today.

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Pro 12-100 Review

This article provides some insights and observations regarding  the M.Zuiko PRO 12-100 mm f/4 IS zoom in the form of a hands-on review. Our lens was purchased almost three years ago. So… a fair amount of time has elapsed which helped me formulate this assessment.

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E-M1X 4 Year Review

This is my E-M1X 4 year review, which is based on extensive hands-on experience using this camera and a selection of M.Zuiko lenses. During this period we’ve all faced COVID-19 challenges which have limited some of our photographic opportunities, or even curtailed them at times. Through all of that I’ve managed to capture hundreds of thousands of handheld images. My two remaining tripods and a monopod have been collecting dust in my gear closet since I bought my first E-M1X.

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Gear Purchase Decisions

Gear purchase decisions can be complex, and can have significant financial impacts if we don’t take the time to think things through. Taking a longer term view, like 10 year purchase decisions, are actions that we seldom do as photographers. Like many folks I typically had a 3-5 year perspective when buying camera gear. I had fallen into the ‘incrementalism’ trap by thinking that if a sufficient number of incremental improvements in specifications occurred it would make upgrading equipment every 3 to 5 years logical and worthwhile.

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Future Gear Reviews

This short article answers a fundamental question that folks have had about the potential for future gear reviews on this website. The rumors about an upcoming ‘wow’ camera from OMDS has piqued the interest of many readers. As has the launch of lenses like the M.Zuiko 8-25 mm f/4 PRO and M.Zuiko 12-45 mm f/4 PRO.

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