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Flying Straight into the Lens

One of the toughest image focus challenges for a camera is when a bird is flying straight into the lens. This article shares a series of 9 consecutive photographs of a gull flying straight into the lens of my E-M1X when I was using Bird Detection AI to acquire focus.

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Smaller Sensor Birding Equipment Options

Since selling my full frame camera gear back in July 2015 I’ve had the opportunity to use a few different smaller sensor birding equipment options. Continue reading Smaller Sensor Birding Equipment Options

Bird Photography Sweet Spot

I was out with my camera gear yesterday and discovered my bird photography sweet spot. The added enjoyment that this creates is hard to explain. Suffice to say I was having so much fun that I lost some of my concentration on fundamentals, and made a couple of rookie mistakes.

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Nikon 1 Versus Olympus for Bird Photography

Over the past couple of days I’ve received a number of personal emails asking me about using Nikon 1 versus Olympus for bird photography. The intent of this article is to describe my experiences using both camera systems. This is a very extensive article, so grab yourself a cup of coffee… or make a pot of tea… and be prepared to spend some time.

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M.Zuiko 75-300 Assessment

This article provides a summary of a number of points made in earlier articles and provides an overall M.Zuiko 75-300 assessment. Since some folks seem to focus on what this lens isn’t, I might as well state that right up front. This lens isn’t weatherproof and it isn’t designated as a pro lens. What this lens is in spades… is small, lightweight, cost efficient, and a whole lotta fun to use!

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