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OM-D E-M1X Hand-held Hi Res Images at Bird Kingdom

This article features a small collection of Olympus OM-D E-M1X Hand-held Hi Res images captured at Bird Kingdom. Unfortunately there were not as many birds as usual in the public areas during my visit today. This reduced the number of photographic opportunities that were available.

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Field Testing Olympus Gear

We are preparing for some changes to our business. These shifts will impact our photography work. Our approach to video. And, the scope of services we provide to our clients. While I still intend to use our Nikon 1 equipment, some of the changes we have planned for our business will extend beyond the capabilities of the Nikon 1 system. This will result in the need for us to add some different camera equipment to our kit. The purpose of this article is to advise readers that for the next while I will be actively field testing Olympus gear on a selective basis. Continue reading Field Testing Olympus Gear