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OM System Brand

The OM System brand was officially launched today. OM Digital Solutions Corporation held a world-wide announcement event this morning at 8 AM EST. While many people were assuming this event was being held in relation to the announcement of new products, the company dedicated this event to the launch of its new brand, OM System. A new camera is indeed under development. This was confirmed in the announcement today… with details to follow at a later date.

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Closer to Nature

I received an email today from OM Digital Solutions that provided a link to a beautiful, digital magazine OM, and its first issue… Closer to Nature. This special edition features a brief message from Aki Murata, the Chief Operating Officer of OM Digital Solutions. It indicates some of the plans that OM Digital will be pursuing, including some unspecified additions to the product roadmap.

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E-M1X Bird Subject Detection

I just received a Development Update from Olympus this morning that formally announced the development of Bird Subject Detection for the Olympus OM-D E-M1X camera. This Olympus Development Announcement also provides an updated lens road map, confirms the M.Zuiko PRO 150-400 F4.5 TC1.25X IS PRO zoom, and announces that OM-D Webcam Beta software is now available for download.

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reCAPTCHA Added to Blog

Readers that have recently visited our photography blog may have noticed that reCAPTCHA has been added to our website. This was done to circumvent bogus subscriptions from being registered on our photography blog by automated bots.

The subscription boxes and the reCAPTCHA graphic is now positioned on the right hand side of the website. This means that the menu has been pushed down to accommodate the location change of the subscription registration section. Hopefully the re-positioning of the content menu will not cause readers any difficulty.

We hope readers will understand the need for this added security and that you will not find the graphic changes too distracting.