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Cedar Waxwings Taking Flight

This article features a selection of handheld images of Cedar Waxwings taking flight… captured at Hendrie Valley during a visit last week. This was the first time that I’ve been able to capture a good number of images of this particular bird species in flight.

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Timing and Technology

Regardless of the camera gear that we may own, timing and technology both play important roles when we’re out in the field with our equipment.

For us to get the most out of our camera gear we need to understand how to best use the technology we’re holding in our hands. And, just as importantly… when to use specific features and capabilities based on our own shooting style and the subject matter before us.

This article shares some new handheld images of gulls at Forty Mile Creek and discusses how these images were captured.

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Working a Subject Bird

Working a subject bird by changing our physical position, and adjusting the focal length of our lens, can add challenge and variety to our photography.

For the past couple of weeks a Wood Duck has been visiting 40 Mile Creek. This bird has provided area bird watchers and photographers with a visual treat. This article features a selection of handheld images and discusses some of the things I try to do when working a subject bird like this Wood Duck.

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M.Zuiko 150-600 Focal Range Test

This article shares some handheld images from an M.Zuiko 150-600 focal range test done recently at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls. The objective of this posting is to illustrate how using the extreme focal lengths (i.e. wide and telephoto) of our zoom lenses can impact our compositions…  depth-of-field… and the number of pixels on subjects.

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Image Softness

Potential image softness is a concern shared by many photographers of varying skill levels, and who’s work covers a wide range of genres. This article covers some of the fundamental issues that may contribute to image softness, many of which can be addressed without the need to spend more money on camera gear.

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Finding Visual Expression II eBook

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new 220 page eBook, Finding Visual Expression II. This eBook is a sister publication to the original Finding Visual Expression volume, and expands the number of subject areas covered to 30 in total (15 per eBook). Finding Visual Expression II is designed as a photographic resource which covers fifteen new subject areas.

A sample page from each topical area is illustrated in this article. The eBook’s Table of Contents is also featured in one of the images in this announcement article.

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In-Camera Focus Stacking

2023 was a watershed year for me as I fully embraced handheld in-camera focus stacking technology as essential for my photography. This article shares some of my favourite focus stacked images from 2023 along with some commentary about the practical use of handheld in-camera focus stacking.

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Auto Focus Considerations

This article discusses some basic auto focus considerations and was prompted by a few emails that I recently received from readers. Some of these emails had questions that were specific to the OM-1. Since I have never used this camera, and have no plans to do any kind of review on it, I’m unable to comment specifically on that model.

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Importance of Shutter Speed

The importance of shutter speed is something that we can sometimes undervalue by attempting to use ISO values that are too low when creating photographs. We may read articles or view videos that are adamant that we should always shoot at low ISO values. While this can be appropriate in specific situations, using a low ISO and sacrificing shutter speed as a trade-off, can be problematic.

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Handheld Moon Photography Test

This article shares a handheld moon photography test image that I created yesterday evening using my E-M1X’s Digital Teleconverter and M.Zuiko MC-14 teleconverter. I’ve never been very interested in astral photography, and as regular readers know, I hate using a tripod. The combination of those two factors has resulted in me pretty much ignoring moon photography.

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