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Winter Lakeside Scenes with HDR2

Yesterday I drove along the southern shore of Lake Ontario and stopped at a few locations to capture some winter lakeside scenes with HDR2 (high dynamic range). There was a good amount of snow and ice along the shore of the lake, coupled with some very harsh sunlight. So, I decided to do some test images using my E-M1X’s HDR2 technology.

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Pigeons with Lasso Tool

This article features some handheld images of pigeons taking flight which have been adjusted with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. Folks who enjoy photographing birds-in-flight often have opportunities where birds are perched on human-made objects. These can sometimes detract from an image.

This article discusses some considerations on how to compose these types of images, and remove the distracting elements with the Lasso Tool in PhotoShop. All of the images featured in this article were captured handheld in my backyard in less than 25 minutes.

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Fix It In Post

Virtually everyone who has been out with their camera, and around other photographers, has heard someone say that they’ll ‘fix it in post’ when they get home. We may have even used those words personally.

Semantics can be extremely important in life as they guide our behaviour, and shape our expectations. The purpose of this article is to encourage readers to reframe the work they do with post processing… and move past the concept of ‘fix it in post’.

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Handheld Moon Photography Test

This article shares a handheld moon photography test image that I created yesterday evening using my E-M1X’s Digital Teleconverter and M.Zuiko MC-14 teleconverter. I’ve never been very interested in astral photography, and as regular readers know, I hate using a tripod. The combination of those two factors has resulted in me pretty much ignoring moon photography.

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Grates Cove Boardwalk

During our Newfoundland photography tour earlier this year, I had the opportunity to explore the Grates Cove Boardwalk. This was an interesting photographic experience given the weather and the condition of the boardwalk. All of the images in this article are displayed in the order in which they were captured.

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Completing the Vision

As photographers we understand that completing the vision involves doing some work with our images in post processing. Each of us has our own skill level and approach when it comes to post processing, as well as our preferred software programs. We have a very specific vision in our minds for how we want our finished photograph to appear and often capture an image as an interim step towards that vision.

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Experimenting in Post

After badly screwing up some initial image captures, I sometimes¬† save these types of files specifically to do some experimenting in post later on. After all… if I mess up the files even more in post I really haven’t lost anything. The upside is that I may learn something useable by experimenting in post with them.

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High ISO Crops

This article features high ISO crops of some handheld photographs I originally captured back in June 2019 shortly after I acquired my Olympus gear. I shoot my E-M1X up to ISO-6400 when required but seldom use ISO values above that. So, most of these photographs fall firmly in the test category.

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Lasso Tool Quick Samples

This article features a small collection of lasso tool quick samples showing some adjustments made with this PhotoShop tool. It is a fairly simple tool to use and can make a difference to images for photographers who don’t mind spending a little more time in post with their files. I assume other software programs have similar capability.

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Egret Preening

During an early morning visit to Hendrie Valley last fall I was fortunate to come across an egret preening in some softer light. Lighting like this is helpful when photographing white birds in terms of capturing more feather details. This article discusses some of the decisions that I made when capturing these photographs, and also when I was working on them in post.

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