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Sparrows Visiting Feeders

A couple of days ago I spent a few hours photographing sparrows visiting feeders in my backyard. This article shares a good selection of photographs and discusses some of the techniques used to capture the images.

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Pro Capture Settings

This article discusses the Pro Capture settings that are available on the Olympus OM-D E-M1X and some of the factors that a photographer would consider when choosing which settings to use. I’d like to thank one of our readers, Joel Bateman, for asking a question related to one of my earlier articles. This provided the creative spark for this posting.

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Dove Making Pond Landing

This short article features a series of 15 Pro Capture H images of a dove making a pond landing. All images were captured handheld looking through my kitchen window using an Olympus OM-D E-M1X, M.Zuiko PRO 40-150mm f/2.8 zoom lens, and M.Zuiko MC-20 teleconverter.

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Anticipating Flight Direction

When photographing birds, anticipating flight direction involves a number of factors. These include body and head position, environmental factors, and habitual behaviours. This article discusses these issues and illustrates how they can be used when anticipating flight direction.

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Flying Inside Bushes

This article shares some images of sparrows flying inside bushes. Many of us who enjoy bird photography will attest to the fact that some action sequences are challenging to photograph. Capturing small birds in flight is challenging at the best of times. To photograph them while they are flying inside bushes takes it up another notch.

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Grackle Taking Flight

This article shares two Pro Capture H runs of a grackle taking flight from a bird feeder. The local social distancing directives in our area have recently become more restrictive. So, I doubt that I will have a chance to photograph any birds outside of my backyard for at least a month or two. So, I will continue to do some practice bird photography in my backyard.

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Robin Taking Flight

This short article features some photographs of a robin taking flight in my backyard. For the foreseeable future I won’t be able to do any offsite bird photography as we are doing our part in terms of social distancing to help combat COVID-19. So, I will do the best I can by capturing some images of birds that visit my backyard.

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