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Street Photography in Napier New Zealand

During our fall 2018 trip to the North Island, my wife and I spent about an hour doing some street photography in Napier, New Zealand. The city suffered a catastrophic earthquake on 3 February 1931 which killed 256 residents and injured thousands. It remains as New Zealand’s deadliest natural disaster in history. Continue reading Street Photography in Napier New Zealand

New Zealand Fantail at the Blue Spring

I had to chuckle to myself for heeding my own advice during our most recent visit to New Zealand! In our eBook New Zealand Tip-to-Tip, I suggested having two cameras ‘at-the-ready’ (one for landscapes and one for birds) just in case an opportunity arose when visiting the Blue Spring. As luck would have it I had a very brief close encounter with a New Zealand Fantail at the Blue Spring. Continue reading New Zealand Fantail at the Blue Spring

Oceanside Compositions at Castlepoint

Many people enjoy vacations along the ocean, with days full of water sports, sunbathing and people watching. For those of us who enjoy photography, these same locations present completely different vacation opportunities. This article features a selection of oceanside compositions at Castlepoint, New Zealand. Continue reading Oceanside Compositions at Castlepoint

A Great Experience at Absolute Bliss Paihia

My wife and I just returned from our fifth (and final) trip to New Zealand. We ended our month long visit with a four day stay at Absolute Bliss Paihia. As regular readers will know, we very seldom write any articles about properties at which we have stayed, with this article being only the third we have ever posted of this type. Continue reading A Great Experience at Absolute Bliss Paihia

Photographing Surfers

Very few of us have the opportunity to photograph surfers as they use their skills on monster waves during international competitions. Many of us do observe surfers riding more modest waves, and we often capture some photographs of the action. This article discusses some of the factors that can be considered when photographing surfers, as well as some thoughts on post processing. The images in this article were captured in New Zealand during a 2016 trip. Continue reading Photographing Surfers

New Zealand Tip-to-Tip eBook Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our newest photography eBook, New Zealand Tip-to-Tip, is now available for purchase and download, for a cost of $12.99 Canadian. This 250 page eBook contains over 400 original photographs and provides readers with information on 89 locations in New Zealand. Continue reading New Zealand Tip-to-Tip eBook Now Available