COVID-19 Exponential Growth

Forbes published a very good article about the dangers of COVID-19 exponential growth. Anyone who is questioning the need to practice social distancing should read this article.

During your safe interactions with others, if you come across anyone who is not doing their part to stem the growth of COVID-19, provide them with the Forbes link.

The irresponsible actions of one person can quickly negate the cooperative efforts of others.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Exponential Growth”

  1. I forget which part/province of Canada you’re located, Tom – but hope things aren’t too bad there.

    New lock-down rules are in place here today (Melb, Aust – Mar 31st). Only 4 reasons to be away from home;
    – Need to be at work, and cannot work from home
    – Getting medical treatment
    – Shopping for essentials (tho, alcohol outlets are still open !)
    – Exercising – for short time only

    No more than 2 people to be outside together – where a family-group counts as 2 people. Otherwise, stay the F* at home!

    Lots more time on the PC, reading and catching up on processing photos from my last trips (and, perhaps, the last for a while! Our trip to Ireland in May is, of course, cancelled).

    Embarrassingly, I’ve used up my broadband quota for the month! – now throttled back – Looking fwd to restart of my allowance end of this week.

    John TKA

    1. Hi John,

      We are in the Niagara peninsula… about 40 minutes or so from Niagara Falls.

      Our situation is similar to what you are facing with many restrictions in place to keep everyone at home unless absolutely necessary.

      Like you, I’ve been using the additional office time to go back through a huge volume of images that I’ve captured over the past number of months… and years actually! There have been some benefits with that in terms of reorganizing files. Deleting thousands of photographs. Working on new articles. And, making some time to move some eBook projects forward. Our Ireland travel eBook will hopefully be ready to publish within the next month or so.


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