Desert & Mountain Memories

Desert & Mountain Memories Thomas Stirr

  • Desert & Mountain Memories is a 200 page eBook that features 27 locations and over 245 original photographs from Utah, South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming. The eBook introduces readers to some of the most popular tourist and photographic locations in the four states noted. Desert & Mountain Memories is designed as a B5 landscape eBook with a page size of 250mm x 176mm or approximately 9.8 inches x 6.9 inches. Viewing at an enlarged size of 125% will likely be acceptable to many readers. Standard anti-piracy encryption which restricts printing, as well copying and pasting content has been incorporated in the eBook, as has the inclusion of buyer-specific QR codes. Desert & Mountain Memories is available for purchase and PDF download at a cost of $9.99 Canadian.  
  • Thomas-Ritt Associates Limited