Finding Visual Expression II

Finding Visual Expression II Thomas Stirr

  • This 220 page photography eBook covers 15 topical areas and is designed to provide some photographic reference and inspiration. This is a non-technical photography related eBook that showcases a wide range of images from various genres. Some of the topical areas covered include: Mechanical Marvels, Corner Anchors, Equidistant Composition, Rule of Thirds, Compression, Leading Lines, Reveals, Colour & Contrast, Corner Exits, Incorporating Roads, Magic of 7, Dominating Elements, Foreground Elements, Overlapping Elements, and Living Character. Finding Visual Expression II is available for download for an investment of $11.99 CDN. This is a sister publication to Finding Visual Expression which was published in the spring of 2023. Between the two eBooks a total of 30 subject areas are covered.
  • Thomas Stirr