New Zealand Tip-to-Tip

New Zealand Tip-to-Tip Thomas Stirr

  • New Zealand Tip-to-Tip is a 250 page eBook that provides readers with information and photographs covering 89 locations in New Zealand. Over 400 original photographs are included in New Zealand Tip-to-Tip. New Zealand Tip-to-Tip is divided into a number of sections including:
    • Introduction to the eBook
    • Tip on Travelling in New Zealand
    • Table of Contents for both the North and South Islands
    Each of the locations featured in New Zealand Tip-to-Tip has its own introduction page. This includes an inset map showing its approximate location, information about the location, as well as a feature photograph. Some locations are multiple pages which include additional images. New Zealand Tip-to-Tip is available for purchase and download at a cost of $12.99 Canadian.  
  • Thomas-Ritt Associates Limited
  • 250 pages