The Little Camera That Could

The Little Camera That Could Thomas Stirr

  • The Little Camera That Could chronicles my journey with the Nikon 1 system. This 210-page eBook features over 450 original images, all captured with Nikon 1 camera gear. The objective of the eBook is to showcase the capability of the Nikon 1 system by featuring photographs captured with the Nikon 1 system in a wide range of shooting conditions, and with a wide range of subject matter. The eBook describes how my experimentation with the Nikon 1 system eventually led to me selling my full frame camera gear and using the Nikon 1 system exclusively for both my client video assignment and my personal photography needs. Standard anti-piracy encryption has been applied to the PDF file as well as unique QR coding for each individual buyer.┬áThere are restrictions on printing, altering, and copying/pasting content. We hope readers understand the need for authors to protect their intellectual property.  
  • Thomas-Ritt Associates Limited
  • 210 pages