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With the holiday season fast approaching I thought it may be helpful to publish a summary article providing an overview of the six eBooks that we have available. Some of you may be considering eBooks for holiday season gift giving.

Before we review our selection of eBooks, we would be remiss if we did not extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have purchased our eBooks thus far.

Our philosophy has always been to keep this website advertising free so we can maintain an uncluttered reading environment for you.

We are able to sustain this website only through eBook revenues and donations. To each and every one of you (in over 30 countries around the world) who have already purchased one of our eBooks… we say Thank You!

New Zealand Tip-to-Tip is our newest eBook. This 250 page eBook  provides readers with information and photographs covering 89 locations in New Zealand. Over 400 original photographs are included in New Zealand Tip-to-Tip.

New Zealand Tip-to-Tip is divided into a number of sections including:

  • Introduction to the eBook
  • Tip on Travelling in New Zealand
  • Table of Contents for both the North and South Islands
  • 89 featured locations on the North Island and South Island

Each of the locations featured in New Zealand Tip-to-Tip has its own introduction page. This includes an inset map showing its approximate location, information about the location, as well as a feature photograph. Some locations are multiple pages which include additional images.

New Zealand Tip-to-Tip is available for purchase and download at a cost of $12.99 Canadian. Copyright 2018 Thomas Stirr.


The Little Camera That Could is our most popular eBook. It features over 450 original images in a wide range of subject matter, showcasing the capability of the Nikon 1 camera system. This 210 page eBook discusses some of the advantages and challenges associated with using the Nikon 1 system. An overview of current Nikon 1 bodies as well as the majority of 1 Nikon lenses is provided.

Some of the photographic subject matter contained in The Little Camera That Could includes aircraft, architecture, automotive, birds and birds-in-flight, flowers, landscapes, street photography, and travel.

The Little Camera That Could is available for purchase and download at a cost of $9.99 Canadian. Copyright 2017 Thomas Stirr.


Balancing Eggs is one of our newest eBooks. It is a business-oriented parable that discusses a range of communication issues including:

  • understanding learning styles
  • communicating with various interpersonal styles
  • body language
  • coaching approaches
  • questioning techniques
  • gaining commitment from others
  • the drama triangle
  • delegation

Balancing Eggs also provides a number of tips on presentation tips including:

  • keynote and speech tips
  • workshop and seminar tips
  • facilitation tips
  • business meeting tips
  • room set up
  • working with graphics, flipcharts and A/V equipment

To aid in the business coaching process, 25 extended concept metaphors are also included, as well as a metaphor quick reference guide.

Balancing Eggs is ideal for anyone in a supervisory or leadership position, and for people who want to improve their business communication skills.

Balancing Eggs is available as an eBook download for the price of $11.99 Canadian. Copyright 2018 Thomas Stirr.


Nova Scotia Photography Tour eBook features 64 locations and over 625 original photographs. The 375 page eBook provides general commentary about travelling in Nova Scotia as well as sharing observations on each featured location. The book is divided into ‘drive days’ with commentary on each day, as well as featured locations visited that day. All of the featured locations are in the order in which they were visited. This makes it easy for readers to follow our route on a map.

Nova Scotia Photography Tour is available for purchase and download at a cost of $12.99 Canadian. Copyright 2017 Thomas Stirr.


Desert & Mountain Memories is a 200-page photography eBook which features over 245 original photographs captured at some of the most popular locations in Utah, South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming in the United States. These include Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Badlands National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Rushmore National Monument, and the Crazy Horse Memorial. It also includes some less visited locations such as Goblin Valley State Park, the Mitchell Corn Palace, and Goosenecks State Park.

Desert & Mountain Memories is available for purchase and download at a cost of $9.99 Canadian. Copyright 2018 Thomas Stirr.


Image of Greece is a 200-page photography eBook which features over 235 original photographs captured at some of the most popular locations in Greece. These include Mykonos, Santorini, Nafplio, Olympus, Delphi and Meteora.

While not a definitive collection representing the entire country, Images of Greece provides readers with a sampling of photographic subjects. These include examples of landscape, architectural, antiquities, and street photography.

Images of Greece is available for purchase and download at a cost of $9.99 Canadian. Copyright 2018 Thomas Stirr.


A Note about the Download Process
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