Goals Create the Life We Live.

It is often a strange thing to look back on one’s goals in life. To see what was important to us at various stages in the past, and what we deem to be important today. There is truth in the idea that our goals create the life we live. 

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When we are young there is often pressure to conform, to set goals in alignment with the values to which we were exposed during our formative years. Often these revolve around education, careers and relationships.

We set goals and may work towards attaining diplomas, degrees and perhaps even scholarships. These pursuits can consume us. As we achieve these initial goals there are feelings of accomplishment and recognition. Years later we may look back on those pursuits, and on others to which we have committed ourselves. Sometimes wistfully.

Locking ourselves in the past is a form of self-induced limitation. We may eventually come to the realization that we can’t bring those days back. They are gone. Spent. They cannot be relived.

When we start to break away and free ourselves from parts of our past there can be feelings of adventure. Of liberation. Of excitement. Of exploration.

So too can come feelings of fear. The pressures of personal responsibility. The realization that we no longer have the convenience of blame. Something we may have cast upon others in the past, as a cover up for our own shortcomings.

Past periods of self-doubt and confusion may lead us to the discovery that the beauty of life is ours to live. We can be as vibrant as we choose to be. We can strive to grow each day.

We learn that we can rise up from what we perceive to be adversity. Through these experiences we can discover that life events and challenges are valuable opportunities to gain self-knowledge.

As we discover more of ourselves we become more comfortable venturing forward on our path. We come to junction points. Decisions stare us in the face. We exercise our power of choice. We pursue new goals and with each of them, our lives are redefined.

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