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This article provides readers with some feedback on Hoya Fusion filters. As regular readers know, my photography blog is not a ‘gear review site’. I typically only comment on gear that I actually own and use.

Unlike some photographers who do not like to use filters on their lenses, I choose to protect my lenses with filters whenver possible. After I purchased a selection of M.Zuiko PRO lenses last year I mulled over what kind of filters I should use with them.

After doing a bit of research I decided to try Hoya Fusion filters, specifically the Protection version. These are antistatic filters but do not fuction as a UV filter. Since my video work is typically done indoors and often in dusty, industrial venues I thought these Hoya Fusion Antistatic Protection filters may reduce the need for me to clean dust off my lenses during video shoots.

Other than my M.Zuiko PRO 7-14 mm f/2.8 which does not accept screw-in filters, I bought Hoya Fusion Antistatic Protector filters for all of my other M.Zuiko lenses.

After over a year of use the Hoya Fusion Antistatic Protector filters have certainly done a good job for me.

When I’ve been out shooting still images with other photographers I’ve had the opportunity to compare the amount of dust on the front of our respective lenses. My Hoya Fusion filters have consistently had far less dust on them than those used by other photographers.

That’s not to say that Hoya Fusion filters remain 100% dust free all of the time. On occasion I do get a very small amount of dust on them and need to clean them periodically. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with my results using them, as they have definitely reduced the need for me to clean dust off the front of my lenses to a significant degree.

I have not noticed any issues with the Hoya Fusion filters in terms of image degradation or any issues with colour shifting. Keep in mind that the Hoya Fusion filters I use are Protector filters, not UV ones.

If your photography involves working in dusty conditions, you may want to investigate Hoya Fusion Antistatic filters. A range of different models are available. Depending on your country of residence Hoya antistatic filters may be marketed with a slightly different product name… for example EVO.

For folks who would like to view a formal review of these filters, here is a link to a review done by ephotozine.com. 

I was not paid to write this article on Hoya Fusion filters, nor do I receive any kind of compensation if readers buy these products.

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2 thoughts on “Hoya Fusion Filters”

  1. Two of your recent posts coincided for me, Tom.

    I’ve never been keen about putting filters on my lenses, being concerned about the potential to impact image quality. However, your posts about the possibility of Olympus selling their imaging division, and your personal report of good experience with the Hoya filters changed my mind.

    I’m now more concerned about protecting my investment, as it may not be readily replaced – and I’m confident that if you say these filters do not degrade image quality then that’s good enuff for me !

    I ordered a Hoya antistatic filter for my M.Zuiko12-100 today.

    Regards, John TKA

    1. Hi John,

      I appreciate your confidence… it is good to remember that when I write articles about specific products that I use, it is simply to share my experiences with readers, never to specifically recommend that they buy what I have purchased. All of my 1 Nikkor lenses are protected by filters. I typically use B+W and higher end Hoya filters. I purchased the Hoya Fusion filters specifically for their antistatic performance.

      I included a link in the article that will take readers to a formal review on these filters. This provides more information on these filters.


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