New Article on NikonRumors

An article that I wrote for Nikon Rumors, Nikon 1: The Little Camera That Could, was just published on the website.

Readers who would like to view this new article on NikonRumors can use the link provided.

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4 thoughts on “New Article on NikonRumors”

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I just finished reading the article you posted at the NikonRumors site, and I more or less agree with what have written.

    I’ve opted for the Nikon 1 J5 nearly three years ago – mainly because of its size and price – and found myself using it way more than my heavy Nikon D600. The little thing surely ain’t perfect, but once you know how it handles and about its limits, then methinks it is really a great camera.

    Anyway… Keep up your great work!


    1. Hi Joerg,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article on NikonRumors! I totally agree with your assessment, “The little thing surely ain’t perfect, but once you know how it handles and about its limits, then methinks it is really a great camera”. Thanks for sharing your perspectives!


  2. Hello Tom
    I read your site and NikonRumors too. So „only“ comments there were new to me. Well, you stirred them up a bit (Sorry, but could not withstand 😉 ). Congratulations!
    It is interesting, how much of the photography sites and folks are interested mainly in discussing individual specifications of cameras, sensors, etc. , in „greatest“ detail.
    Since my last comment I got more accustomed to the screen of my J5. It is a good camera, with images a bit more pleasing than from V3. Of course, a stitch from my FF camera is completely another story, but those are meant for big prints, with a different workflow.

    1. Hi Robert,
      It is good to hear that you are getting accustomed to your J5. I’ve been working on finishing two more eBooks (Images of Greece and Desert & Mountain Memories) so I haven’t had any time at all to even look at what has been happening with my article on NikonRumors. Plus, I just got a super rush video project from a client today so the next couple of weeks will just be a blur.

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