OM-5 Introduced

Today, the new OM-5 was introduced by OM Digital Systems. As regular readers know, this is not a gear review website so we will not be doing any kind of a review on this new camera. Below you will find some links to various videos about the new OM-5 camera.

The OM-5 is the first camera from OMDS that will not bear the Olympus name. This has been changed to OM System on the front of the camera.

Here are a few links to various OM-5 videos that may be of interest to readers.

Peter Forsgard

Jimmy Cheng

OM-5 Launch Video

OM-5 Weather Sealing Video

OM-5 IBIS Video

OM-5 Computational Features Video

OM-5 Compact and Light Video

OM-5 Handheld Video Information

Of note to photographers in Canada and the United States, the new OM-5 is being offered with a free 2 year extended warranty… bringing the total warranty coverage to 3 years.  I’m not sure if this program is available in other international markets.

Readers interested in OM System products should note that October 27th is OM System Day. A number of live streams will be presented by various technical experts and OM SYSTEM Ambassadors.  You can click on the link to see the schedule of events. 

My wife and I are still totally happy with our existing Olympus camera gear. We have no plans to add or change any of our current camera equipment.

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