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This article provides a link to a YouTube OM Digital CP+ interview done with Setsuya Kataoka, its Chief Technology Officer. This video is in Japanese but it does have some English subtitles. I’ve also put together a brief summary of key points discussed in the interview.

Here is a summary of key points, along with approximate time code in YouTube video. You may need to back up a bit from the times noted.

  • OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) will continue to develop new products (0:58)
  • OMDS will continue to develop M4/3 products (1:19)
  • original Olympus philosophy will be maintained (1:27)
  • Plan to expand M4/3 line-up (2:12)
  • OM-D, PEN and Tough cameras will be continuing (2:37)
  • M.Zuiko 150-400 garnered more attention than anticipated (4:06)
  • 150-400 symbolizes M4/3 system (4:57)
  • 150-400 demonstrates shooting experience that can only be had with M4/3 (5:21)
  • OMDS will continue to develop, produce and sell products according to the lens road map that was updated last summer (5:44)
  • Advancements in technology is resulting in new styles of shooting, AI will play more important role in the future (6:20-6:27)
  • OMDS not satisfied with existing technology and will continue to develop new things (6:55)

The second part of the YouTube video is an interview done by photographer Koichiro Saito. This begins at about 7:20

  • Olympus brand will continue for the time being 8:28
  • Olympus name will remain until existing customers are comfortable with OMDS (8:49)
  • OMDS focused on technologies that will expand the boundaries of photography (10:07)
  • Cameras, lenses and firmware will be developed to make previously impossible photographs possible, further development of AI Subject Tracking coming (12:20)
  • New company’s structure has fewer restrictions that will help enable the creation of new value (18:48)
  • Opportunities to provide value outside of just cameras and lenses (19:42)
  • Could expand into other products and offerings such as bags and straps, and photography tours
  • Looking at collaborating with other companies when necessary (21:37)
  • OMDS will focus on main business and also broaden horizons (22:28)
  • 150-400 has daily production limit due to high precision manufacturing (24:40-25:43)
  • Dedication to deliver quality products to worldwide markets remains unchanged (27:56)
  • OMDS developing a schedule for product launches and will communicate regularly with customers (31:03)

Former Olympus Visionary Peter Forgard has a video with his take on this interview. At the 11:35 point Peter mentions that OMDS will be concentrating on some key markets like wildlife, bird photography, adventure, outdoors and macro. I did not notice this mentioned in the CP+ video (I may have missed it of course). Peter has very good, long standing contacts at the former Olympus Europe so perhaps he is aware of this focus on key markets through his sources.

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    This seems to be the crux of the entire potential success of OMDS. It seems the imaging division of Olympus had become ossified, and probably top-heavy. Perhaps they can keep most of the engineers and jettison some of the deadweight.

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