Rhythmic Motion and Frame Rate

As human being we often fall prey to being creatures of habit. I’ve certainly found this to be the case when I’ve gone out to photograph birds in flight. I invariably set my Nikon 1 V2 to the typical settings I use, which includes using AF-C at 15 fps. Until recently I never really thought about the interrelationship between the rhythmic motion of a subject and frame rate. Continue reading Rhythmic Motion and Frame Rate

Nikon flower photography with FX and CX

Like many photographers I enjoy taking images of flowers and foliage. In many ways flowers are ‘equal opportunity’ subjects. Images can be captured using the simplest of gear like cellphones and point-and-shoot cameras, all the way up to quite complex rigs that include macro lenses, tripods, flashes, reflectors, and shutter releases. This article shares some sample Nikon flower photography captured with FX and CX gear. Continue reading Nikon flower photography with FX and CX

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