Paid Mentions of Companies and Products

Over the past number of months I’ve been contacted a few times directly by companies offering me some kind of compensation to test their products and write corresponding articles. I have turned down all of these solicitations and will continue to do so in the future.

As regular readers are aware, I have two existing ‘affiliate’ programs where I do receive a small commission when readers buy products using my affiliate links. These have been in place for a number of years and are with B&H and Amplis Canada. I have turned down a number of other affiliate offers and have no plans whatsoever to add any more of these affiliate relationships to our business.

I have been a customer of B&H for many years and feel comfortable with the quality of service from them…thus my affiliate relationship with them. My affiliate relationship with Amplis Canada creates the opportunity for Canadian readers to receive a special 5% discount when they use my affiliate code when buying direct from Amplis Canada, thus giving my readers some added value.

In an earlier article I let readers know about these affiliate relationships, and also confirmed that this photography blog will not accept any paid advertising on it. Ever.

There are all kinds of internet articles and videos on YouTube on how to ‘monetize’ a blog should someone have an interest in simply running a blog with the sole objective of making money with it. I suppose many bloggers follow these money making schemes as some blogs are so commercial it is difficult to determine what content and value they offer their readers.

Earlier today I received a solicitation from a public relations company in New York city. I do not know what company that this public relations firm represents, as I did not pursue any kind of discussion or follow up with them. Supposedly their client is ‘well known’.

The offer from the public relations company was very simple. If I even mentioned their client in any of my articles they would pay me to do so.

Each and every one of my readers can rest assured that I will never prostitute myself or this photography blog with any kind of paid activity of that nature.

Make no mistake, it costs money to keep a photography blog like this running, and we deeply appreciate it each and every time a reader makes a donation to this blog. It has been quite amazing for us to see donations come in from countries all over the world. Thank you everyone!

During the past month or so you’ve seen us launch two eBooks. Our Nova Scotia Photography Tour and earlier this week, The Little Camera That Could, our Nikon 1 eBook. Many of you have already purchased copies of these eBooks and we are extremely grateful for your support.

I can’t express in words how exciting and gratifying it is to have readers from Canada; the United States; and from countries all over the world like Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and South Africa purchase our eBooks. To each and every one of you – our sincerest thanks!

We have a number of additional eBooks planned for 2018 and beyond.  After finishing The Little Camera That Could, I immediately began working again on our New Zealand photography eBook. It should be available within the next 6-8 weeks. I’ll let you know about our other projects as they get closer to completion.

Our growth will come from you returning here on a regular basis and by you telling people you know about this little blog. This blog, and our eBooks, will only succeed if we keep focused on trying our best to produce content we believe in, and hopefully that you enjoy.

We will never deviate from that mission by accepting money to mention companies and/or products in our articles.

Article Copyright 2017 Thomas Stirr. All rights reserved. No use, adaptation or reproduction is allowed without written consent.

14 thoughts on “Paid Mentions of Companies and Products”

  1. Hi Tom and Rosemary
    I enjoy your blog very much indeed, Tom. The fact that you maintain your independence from commercial companies as much as possible honors you and we readers appreciate this and reward it with our trust in you.
    Your photographs further testify about your attitude: I recognize the essence of a soul in many of them, which are more than pictorial documents. That such photography is possible with any kind of equipment is a truth that many of us have forgotten.

    In this sense, Nikon 1 system is as able as the photographer’s creativity and skill permits. The creativity has been very convincingly demonstrated for instance in patterns and textures, whereas your skill is obvious when we view your birds- and bees-in-flight.
    Yes, your recent ebook “The little camera that could” testifies how effectively one can use modest and unobtrusive photographic equipment. Let us hope, Nikon realizes what a wonderful tool they have created for truly skillful photographers, like you, Tom and Rosemary Stirr!

    Thank you, good light and Happy New Year

    1. Hi Rudolf,

      Thank you for your kind and generous comment – we deeply appreciate it! Being able to make a human connection with readers like you, through photography, is a valuable, personal reward.


  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Thomas.

    I too get some people contacting me about posting ads on my blog and I always tell them no. I have posted guest posts with links back to people’s sites but only if I think the article would be of interest to my readers and the link lead to a site that they might like.

  3. Hi Tom,
    Since I “found” you through Photography Life I’ve been following your articles with great interest.
    Through your points of view and advice’s you helped me to make my decisions on which gear would be more appropriated for my kind of photography.
    I thank you for that and for being such an example of honesty and integrity.
    Wish you a Great 2018.

  4. Hi Tom,

    Belated blessed Hannukah to you and your family and big congratulations on your latest eBook. I know what you mean about sites where the advertising and content seem to have seamlessly blended that it’s hard to glean what is original content and what is paid, marketing content. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and along the way, there’d been cases where it’s hard to let advertising opportunities pass but in the end, I was better off not accepting most as it compromises honest critique and reviews of products, and keeps readers in the dark on one’s personal experience.

    Nikon would be very proud of you, proving time and again that a small sensor, compact system, is a capable system in the hands of an artist.


    1. Hi Oggie,
      Thank your for adding your perspectives to the discussion – they are always appreciated! And, thank you for your supportive comment! Each of us must make decisions on how we choose to live our lives and run our businesses. What is important to one person, may not be important to another. We simply need to make decisions that are right for us along the way of this journey called life.

  5. Hi Thomas,

    Very nice, albeit not in any way surprising, to read this. Your blog and your pictures really stand out, and your contributions to Photography Life is always a pleasure to read.
    Happy New Year and do keep up the good work.


      1. And, by the way, congratulations to the recent eBook on the Nikon 1 system. I’m halfway through and the pictures are in every way amazing och very inspiring.
        Can’t recommend this eBook enough, especially considering the very low price in relation to it’s value and the time and labour you’ve put into in.

        1. Hi Bo,

          It is very gratifying for me to read that you are enjoying The Little Camera That Could! My wife and I discussed what pricing to use on the book and we ultimately decided that the most important thing was to keep it affordable for readers of all income levels.

          We appreciate you taking the time to post your recommendation of The Little Camera That Could. Every time that you, and other readers, support our work with positive comments here and on other photography blogs it helps broaden the exposure of our work. Please feel free to post a comment on the launch article for The Little Camera That Could.


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