Photo & Video Services

Our photo & video services focus on industrial photography and videography with an emphasis on business-to-business clients, providing them with images of their facilities, products, and personnel. The images we create are typically used in company brochures and product literature, display prints for the office or at trade events, incorporated into PowerPoint presentations, and frequently included in training materials and in YouTube video productions.

Our industrial and corporate videography provides clients with videos most commonly used on YouTube, at company meetings and events, as sales and product training aids, imbedded into PowerPoint presentations, and as part of the organization’s safety training regimen. Most of our work focuses on safety videos.

We limit our work to locations mainly in Southern Ontario.



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This website celebrates the joy of photography and features a wide range of photographic subject matter. The content is designed to appeal to a wide range of people interested in photography. The website also demonstrates the image capability of small sensor cameras including micro four thirds (18 x 13.5 mm), 1" (13.2 x 8.8 mm), and 1/2.3" (6.17 x 4.55 mm) cameras.

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