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Fog Shrouded Harbour

I went out early this morning, and spent about 15 minutes capturing some quick images of a fog shrouded harbour. I always enjoy creating these kinds of photographs and working with them in post. This article shares a few images, as well as some of my composition considerations. Continue reading Fog Shrouded Harbour

Alternative sunset images

Yesterday evening I happened to look out from the window of my home office. The sky was almost aflame in a spectacular sunset. I quickly grabbed a camera, jumped in the car and headed off to the harbour, hoping to catch it in all of its glory. Arriving about 4 minutes later I discovered that I was too late. Although disappointed, experience has taught me to always look to the north and east as some alternative sunset images are sometimes possible. Continue reading Alternative sunset images

Beauty of details

I’m in the process of creating a video of a residential garden. Part of the content in that project will be a number of still images as well as various video clips. As I was working on some images in post I couldn’t help but be captivated by the beauty of details that nature creates. Continue reading Beauty of details