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Assessing Camera Trade-Offs

Over the past number of months I’ve been getting some interesting questions via email from readers. The majority of them were about assessing camera trade-offs, and trying to make a purchase decision. As we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect camera or camera system. Everything photographic comes with some kind of trade-off. Regardless of the camera brand and model we individually choose, the most important thing is selecting gear that best suits our specific needs. This article summarizes some of the feedback I have been receiving from readers.

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Assessing Camera Gear Differences

Whenever there is a major camera or imaging show happening, or when a number of new pieces of gear are introduced, I tend to get more emails from readers. The common question raised is “Should I upgrade my gear?” Assessing camera gear differences can be difficult. It seems to me that the vast majority of differences with which we concern ourselves are marginal at best. Truly meaningful differences are few and far between. Those differences are the ones that may justify us opening up our wallets… beyond just being affected by GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

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