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Happenstance can be defined as a chance situation. Or something that occurred because of particular circumstances, although it was not planned. As photographers we are often beneficiaries of happenstance. This is regularly the case with bird photography.

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Kingbird Harassing Raptor

This short article features a selection of six consecutive images of a kingbird harassing a raptor in mid-air. An experienced associate has advised that the raptor is an immature Cooper’s Hawk and the aggressor is an Eastern Kingbird (thanks Glen). All photographs were captured handheld with an E-M1X using Pro Capture L in combination with Bird Recognition AI Subject Tracking.

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Prepared For Opportunities

Being prepared for opportunities is one of the fundamental factors when it comes to being successful with bird-in-flight photography. This takes some planning, and is also directly impacted by how we set up our camera gear.

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Puffins Flying in Fog

This article features a selection of images of puffins flying in fog, which were captured handheld during our recent trip to Newfoundland. We were hoping for decent weather but unfortunately Mother Nature did not cooperate. Eleven of our fourteen days spent touring Newfoundland were dominated by fog and rain. This included our three days at Bonavista and our short duration, daily visits to the nearby Elliston puffin colony.

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Purple Martins Using Bird AI

This article features a collection of new images of purple martins using Bird AI Subject Tracking and Pro Capture L. All photographs were captured handheld during a recent visit to Ruthven Park in Cayuga Ontario.

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Benefit of Custom Modes

This article discusses the benefit of custom modes and illustrates this with 18 recently captured consecutive handheld images of a kingfisher in flight.

A few days ago I went to Hendrie Valley early in the morning to see if I could capture any images of birds-in-flight. This season has not been particularly productive so my level of optimism was modest.

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