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Wing Positions Can Add Drama

Bird photography can become somewhat of an addictive pastime for a number of reasons. One never knows what photographic opportunity Mother Nature will provide, and once presented, if we will be up to the task of capturing it. Many of us regularly go out to photograph birds even though we may already have thousands of images of a particular species. What keeps us coming back is the anticipation that our next image may capture something special, different, or better, than during our last outing. This short article shares some images that (hopefully) demonstrate that wing positions can add drama to our bird photographs. Continue reading Wing Positions Can Add Drama

Frame Rate and Buffer Size Considerations

When considering camera gear for nature photography many people primarily focus on sensor size and lens focal length/aperture. These are important factors, especially when shooting in lower light conditions. Camera frame rate and buffer size are also important factors to consider if you plan on regularly photographing birds-in-flight and other action subjects. This article features 40 consecutive images of a goose running on the surface of a pond, captured during a recent visit to the Hendrie Valley Sanctuary. I would have missed many of the photographs in this image series if I had been using a camera with a slower frame rate and a smaller buffer. Continue reading Frame Rate and Buffer Size Considerations

Anticipating Bird Behaviour

As folks who enjoy bird photography can attest, anticipating bird behaviour takes quite a bit of observation time as well as some understanding of the environment in which you are shooting. While many birds still puzzle me, this short article shares some images when I correctly anticipated bird behaviour.  Continue reading Anticipating Bird Behaviour

The Importance of Pixels on Subject

In response to reader requests, I’ve been pondering how to best address the subject of post processing bird images. After giving it some thought I’ve decided that doing one article based on a sample image (as I did for landscape photography) isn’t the best solution. So, I’ll be discussing post processing in a small selection of articles instead. This first article deals with the importance of pixels on subject. Continue reading The Importance of Pixels on Subject

Doubling Down on the 1 Nikon CX 70-300

Many Nikon 1 owners have been in a quandary for the past several years, unsure of what to do with their camera gear given the uncertainty that has surrounded the Nikon 1 system. Some people are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach. Other photographers have sold their Nikon 1 gear and moved on to a different system, frequently migrating to M4/3. Some folks have decided to add to their Nikon 1 kit to try to ‘future proof’ it as best they can. There is no right answer as everyone needs to make the best decision based on their specific camera needs. I’ve been adding to my Nikon 1 kit for the past couple of years and I’m doubling down on the 1 Nikon CX 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 zoom lens. Continue reading Doubling Down on the 1 Nikon CX 70-300

Bird Photography Camera Settings

One of the pastimes that many photographers enjoy is bird photography, both birds-in-flight and perched birds. How one chooses to use a camera is a personal decision and there isn’t a single ‘best way’ of doing things. This article outlines some bird photography camera settings that folks may consider. Continue reading Bird Photography Camera Settings