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Sensor Obsession

The amount of heated exchanges in photography chat rooms that people have about sensor size seems to be almost out of control these days. It’s as if some people think that nothing else matters when it comes to the art and craft of photography other than the size of a camera’s sensor. I can’t help but shake my head and think that this entire sensor obsession phenomenon, and related fixation on pixel peeping, are a waste of time.
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A Camera is Much More Than a Sensor

We certainly live in interesting times. Often it feels like we are in some kind of twilight zone where one enters through the ‘you must have’ door. With photography, the current ‘you must have’ appears to be a full frame (or larger) sensor camera. If some of the articles on the internet are to be believed, unless we own a full frame camera we are incapable of creating a good photograph. Truth is, a camera is much more than a sensor.

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