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ISO-12800 Comparison

I had quite a few comments from Photography Life readers about my recent article Pushing a Small 1″ Sensor to ISO-12800. Some folks asked if they could see a comparison between the finished images in the article and the original RAW files (i.e. I opened up the RAW files in CS6 and made a jpeg out of them without making any adjustments in CS6). This short article shows the ISO-12800 comparison between the original RAW files and the finished files I used in the article. Continue reading ISO-12800 Comparison

Dealing With Bright Sunlight in Post Using TAB

This morning I woke up to find a couple of emails from readers specifically asking about dealing with bright sunlight in post when shooting with a small sensor camera. Some of the concerns expressed were dealing with high contrast landscape images where getting highlight and shadow details are a problem due to the limited dynamic range of smaller sensors. Continue reading Dealing With Bright Sunlight in Post Using TAB

Increasing Landscape Image Impact

We’ve all faced situations where the jpeg file of an image we’ve created just seems flat and lifeless, even though we may like the original composition. When this happens it can be a very disappointing experience. I’ve been shooting in RAW + jpeg fine for many years as I always like to see how my camera has captured a jpeg file. This helps me determine a game plan when using the RAW version of the file. This article features an image from a recent trip to New Zealand and illustrates how increasing landscape image impact can be quick and simple. Continue reading Increasing Landscape Image Impact

OpticsPro 11 Presets with Landscape Images

Post processing can be an intimidating adventure for a lot of folks who are used to shooting jpegs. This article shows a range of ‘single click’ presets that are available in OpticsPro 11 to demonstrate the effect that they can have on an image. I assume that other photographic software also includes some standard presets. Continue reading OpticsPro 11 Presets with Landscape Images