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Early Morning Egret

On occasion we may happen to be at the right place, at the right time… as was the case with this early morning egret. This article shares a selection of six images from the same AF-C run. Even though all of the photographs are of the same bird, you’ll notice the differences that subject angle, wing position and background can make to an image.

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A Bit of Patience Can Pay Dividends

When we’re out photographing birds-in-flight it can sometimes be a challenge to decide when to press the shutter to activate an AF-C run. This is especially true if our camera has a limited buffer size. Having some self-discipline and a bit of patience can pay dividends. This article features an AF-C run of 22 consecutive images showing an egret landing on a branch. To put the images in context… Continue reading A Bit of Patience Can Pay Dividends

Egret Taking Flight at 60 FPS

I must admit that I have become increasingly intrigued with trying to photograph birds in flight at 60 frames per second. This fast frame rate setting isn’t something that I would use all the time, but I think it is something that I may use more frequently as I get more practice with it. For situations where I want a ‘specific moment capture’ this frame rate will come in handy. This short article shares the first 10 frames from an image run of an egret taking flight at 60 FPS.┬áThe 10 consecutive images that follow were captured in 1/6th of a second. Continue reading Egret Taking Flight at 60 FPS