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HDR2 Test at Grande Hermine

This article features some HDR2 test images captured at the La Grande Hermine replica vessel which is situated near Jordan Harbour Marina. Readers who are interested in the history of the original La Grande Hermine and the replica situated at Jordan Harbour can use the link provided.

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Handheld HDR1 Landscape Test

This article features some handheld HDR1 landscape test images captured with the M.Zuiko PRO 7-14 f/2.8 and PRO 12-40  f/2.8  zoom lenses. While many photographs prefer to use tripods when doing landscape photography, my preference is to always shoot handheld if at all possible.

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Handheld HDR Macro Test

Yesterday I took some time to do a handheld HDR macro test using some of the flowers in my yard as subjects. Like many photographers I enjoy macro photography of flowers. I’m often out at open garden events and other locations in bright, harsh sunlight… which is far from ideal. I’ve been wondering for a while now if I could use the in-camera HDR function of my E-M1X to help deal with harsh lighting conditions.

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Handheld HDR Test

This article features some handheld HDR (high dynamic range) test images that were captured at Westfield Heritage Village. My main objective doing these test photographs was to determine if a combination of 5 HDR exposures could be successfully taken without the use of a tripod, relying only on the IBIS performance of my Olympus camera gear. I apologize in advance for the quality of the HDR versions in this article.

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