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HHHR Test with M.Zuiko 150-600

This article discusses an HHHR (Handheld Hi Res) test with the M.Zuiko 150-600, and shares some handheld images captured at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory.

My objective with this short test was simply to find out how well the Handheld Hi Res technology would work with the M.Zuiko 150-600 and its Sync-IS. All of the images featured in this article are full frame captures without any cropping… but resized for this website.

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Frog Test Images With MC-20

This article features a small selection of frog test images captured handheld with the M.Zuiko MC-20 teleconverter. This posting expands on a recent article that featured some pond images also captured with this teleconverter.

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Cropping with HHHR

The main objective of this article is to share some examples of cropping with HHHR technology, specifically with macro type photography. Additionally, a couple of links to earlier articles that outline some of the benefits of Handheld Hi Res (HHHR) technology are also provided.  These two earlier articles covered how HHHR increases dynamic range, and how HHHR does a very good job reducing noise when higher ISO values are used.

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HHHR macro (handheld high resolution) photography is quickly becoming one of my favourite pastimes. It is a great example of how advances in camera technology can challenge our existing beliefs about photography. In this case, handheld high resolution macro images. This article shares a selection of HHHR macro images captured at the RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens) in Burlington Ontario.

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