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Incorporating a Foreground Element

Incorporating a foreground element in our compositions is an important way to add a feeling of depth to our landscape images. This approach, combined with our choice of focal length and aperture can help create deep depth-of-field.

Since more people are resuming travel that was interrupted by a couple of years of COVID-19 lockdowns, we thought a quick review of some landscape photography fundamentals may be helpful.

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Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

One of the stops we wanted to make during our most recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand was the lighthouse at Nugget Point. The weather cooperated, starting out a bit dark and menacing, then turning partially sunny. This article features a small selection of photographs, and discusses some composition considerations I took into account while photographing at Nugget Point. Continue reading Composition Considerations at Nugget Point

Late Fall River Scenes at Wilkes Dam

There are some times of the year in Southern Ontario that tend to make it difficult to find some motivation to do landscape photography. Early December is one of those times. The leaves are down and everything can seem seem drab and lifeless. Yesterday morning it was bright and calm. I took the opportunity to capture some late fall river scenes at Wilkes Dam in Brantford. Continue reading Late Fall River Scenes at Wilkes Dam

Landscape Compositions at Burntcoat Head

The Bay of Fundy fills and empties 160 billion tons of water twice each day with the rise and fall of the tides. There are numerous places along the Bay of Fundy to capture some interesting images with Burntcoat Head being one of those ‘not to miss’ locations. My wife and I spent some time capturing some landscape compositions at Burntcoat Head during our recent visit to Nova Scotia. Continue reading Landscape Compositions at Burntcoat Head

Fog Shrouded Harbour

I went out early this morning, and spent about 15 minutes capturing some quick images of a fog shrouded harbour. I always enjoy creating these kinds of photographs and working with them in post. This article shares a few images, as well as some of my composition considerations. Continue reading Fog Shrouded Harbour