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Achieving Shallow Depth of Field

Achieving shallow depth of field is something that many folks want to do with their photographs. While some people may associate full frame cameras with shallow depth of field, it is also possible to achieve this with smaller sensor cameras. This article discusses some simple techniques that can be used when applying this creative approach to flower photography. All of the photographs in this article were captured with M4/3 camera equipment.

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OM-D E-M1X Battery Life Test

As part of my ongoing evaluation of some Olympus Loaner Gear I went out yesterday to conduct an OM-D E-M1X battery life test. During other field tests I have been surprised with the battery life in the OM-D E-M1X. So, I decided it was time to spend some time doing a battery life test.

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E-M1X Swallows in Flight Images

On Saturday of this past weekend I spent about 2.5 hours photographing swallows in flight. As readers who enjoy bird photography can attest, capturing images of these small ‘pocket rockets’ is a very challenging pastime. Saturday was the most successful swallows-in-flight photography outing that I have ever had. Rather than share just a smattering of photographs, this article contains a total of 24 E-M1X swallows in flight images. I could have shared a lot more… but I thought 2 dozen images would be plenty for this posting.

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