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Investment Decisions

Regardless of the sensor format and brand we may choose, we all face investment decisions when considering various cameras and lenses. This article utilizes some current data and compares the relative costs and weight of my ‘low light’ PRO M4/3 lenses with comparable Nikon mirrorless full frame lenses. I did not include comparisons with other full frame brands simply because I don’t have any personal experience with them. Photographers can do similar comparisons with any equipment they are considering.

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OM System Brand

The OM System brand was officially launched today. OM Digital Solutions Corporation held a world-wide announcement event this morning at 8 AM EST. While many people were assuming this event was being held in relation to the announcement of new products, the company dedicated this event to the launch of its new brand, OM System. A new camera is indeed under development. This was confirmed in the announcement today… with details to follow at a later date.

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Our Olympus Kit

The build out of our Olympus kit that started 18 months ago is now complete. This article provides details on our gear choices and rationale. The intent of this article is to respond to some reader requests for this type of posting. This is an extensive article… so grab a cup of coffee or make a pot of tea.

Photographers should always choose the camera gear that best meets their individual needs. Sensor format and brand choices are very personal decisions. This article does not suggest that anyone should choose the camera gear that we selected for our needs.

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