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Bird AI for Perched Birds

Yesterday I went out to Hendrie Valley for 2 hours to test the E-M1X’s Bird Detection AI function, capturing photographs of small, perched birds. I returned home in a state of stunned amazement. I have never captured so many usable images of small birds, so easily, so confidently, and so quickly in my life.

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Mallard Overtaken in Mid-Air

This article features a selection of 14 consecutive images of a male mallard being overtaken in mid-air by a female. What makes this series remarkable was the the Bird Detection AI on my OM-D E-M1X was able to maintain focus on the male mallard even though the female flew past it in the foreground.

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Smaller Sensor Birding Equipment Options

Since selling my full frame camera gear back in July 2015 I’ve had the opportunity to use a few different smaller sensor birding equipment options. Continue reading Smaller Sensor Birding Equipment Options